How To Get The Best Out Of The Floods

How do we get the best out of the current floods? This post may be a little bit late. I wish I had written it two months ago. Maybe by then, I would have taught a soul or two on how to save the rains we have been receiving. As well as provide some cautions […]

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Heavy Rains Hits Nairobi City

Heavy rains have hit most parts of the country, All the rivers have broken their banks, Dams are being opened to release the excess water, But the City doesn’t have enough water. The rain has been raining heavily for the past two months, And it will be sad to admit most of the water ended […]

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What Do You Understand about Climate Change ?

Most of us don’t really understand what climate change is. Its more of threats being given to us by scientists . We see it as predictions and hence fail to give it the attention it needs. I read somewhere how someone thinks that climate change is just some science crap that will never happen. He […]

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A Cry for Help From Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is crying for help from all the countries it serves, the East African Countries. It is one of the greatest fresh water lake in Africa. In fact , it the second largest lake in the world based on its surface area. The name was coined by an explorer who named it after the […]

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The Lioness that introduced themselves to Soysambu Conservancy in Kenya

Three lioness from Lake Nakuru National Park found themselves into the Soysambu Conservancy in search of their own territory and made it the new home. They were the first lions to be in Soysambu. Soysambu is located in Nakuru County, Kenya bordered by Lake Nakuru national Park, Ol Doinyo Eburru and Menengai Crater. Soysambu Conservancy […]

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Letter To The Wildlife Rangers

Dear Wildlife Rangers, I hope this finds you well. Am always motivated and mesmerized by your sacrifice while working to ensure that our wildlife gets a bright future and survives extinction. It’s not just a job but rather a devotion. You put wildlife literally before everything even your own lives. Not everyone is ready or […]

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Happy World Earth Day

Earth’s day theme for this year is to “End Plastic Pollution.” It’s a day dedicate to show support towards environmental protection and start in 1970. Earth day can been part of daily lives if we applied several practices friendly to the nature. Going green will help us protect planet earth and save money. There are […]

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Political Will Is A Vital Tool In Conservation

Political will is the firm intention or commitment on the part of a government to carry through a policy, especially one which is not immediately successful or popular. It is the motive force that promotes political action. A collection of political benefits and costs resulting from passing of any given law. Passing of these laws […]

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What Unmanaged Shamba System is doing to the Forest Cover in Kenya

Shamba system is a form of agro-forestry that encourages farmers to plant trees alongside their crops. Instead of cutting trees while planting, they are to maintain them and even plant more. This initiative was introduced by the Kenya Forest Service. Its partially funded by the International development – USAID. The targeted groups included the local […]

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Do we embrace coal mining or conserve the old town of Lamu?

Lamu is faced with a tough decision on whether to continue conserving it or allow coal mining in the area. The coal mine is to provide the needed power as per our vision 2030. If we go ahead and embrace the coal mining, we will be placing our environment in crisis. The environment impacts to […]

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