Be Happy Like A Kitten

Be Happy Like A Kitten

Be happy like a kitten. Have you ever seen a sad and dull kitten? Unless very hungry. But mostly, they are playful, energetic, joyful and their happiness is contagious. Just watching them is enough to make a dull day very bright.

My Kitten (Snow) is always Happy

My snow gives me that every time I am in the house. She is always happy, I wonder when she gets tired. Because I haven’t noticed yet. Very naughty and she knows. She will force you into her mood and always wins.

Do you how many times they knock themselves against furniture, fall off when they decide to fly high. But they choose to concentrate on the bright side.

We may keep them away from their kind. And still, love us with the whole of their heart. Showering us with love, hugs, lovely bites, games, etc. They see the bright side of everything.

That funny moment when they run after shade or light on the wall. Or the imaginary bugs in the air. Cutely sneaking into their target. And never give up.

Time may present all its hardness on you , all at the same time. You may think you have all the right and deserve to be sad about it. Bt I want you to see that sad and bad situation like a kitten.

Be a Happy Kitten ready to fight Climate Change

The 1.5-degree Celcius may not be possible despite all the recommendations made in the Paris Climate Change meeting in 2015. So do we become sad and wait helplessly for climate change to finish us up.

No, we dont have to do that. We have to keep working towards sustainable ways to mitigate and adapt to this climate change. We have to learn from our mistake, what we did to promote the emission of the green gases that promote climate change.

Yes, its a serious and terrific thing in or planet. Something considered to be a matter of life and death. We no longer have the luxury to see it as a problem for the future generation or scientists and activists. As we have been told many times, our house (planet) is on fire.

A happy and joyful soul, always have a solution to everything. Anger and sadness, hinders us from being creative when it comes to coming up with solutions. So let us drop bitterness, blame games, anger, sadness, and any negative energy. And allow happiness to help us make wise solutions together.


As much as I want you to be happy as a kitten. I want you to happily make wise decisions for a healthy planet. Do not allow enemies of sustainability to lead us or be part of our policies making the process.

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