About Me

About Me

Cheche Winnie believes that we are custodians for nature hence it’s our duty to protect it and not cause a threat to it. Conservation education and awareness are vital while conserving the environment. Local communities have been co-existing with our wildlife but not well informed about them despite being the best shot for the success of nature survival. I love traveling and sharing the experiences, join me as we explore, condemn bad deeds towards nature, speak for, fight for and get informed about our lovely nature from all over the awesome places.

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  1. I thank you for your work and your writing! One year ago today I stepped onto the Antarctica Peninsula. It changed my life. Knowing that the white, stark world that I love is disappearing faster than anyone knew is breaking my heart. I learned much on that trip. I hope to learn more and become more active by experiencing your work. Again, thank you.

    1. Thank you very much. Together lets learn on how we can make things better for our planet. Its sad when you know you are about to lose something incredible forever. Travel more and share to help spread the word so we can all work towards making things better.

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