Cut One Tree Plant Two

This is a campaign that runs in Kenya to ensure that we do not overexploit forest. The various conservation bodies do go around institutions offering the needed education and awareness. They also do participate in activities such as tree planting and clean-ups.
Unfortunately, they are still a section of the community that is yet to embrace the campaign and act. The trees are disappearing at a very alarming rate. Once productive areas are slowly turning into semi-deserts.

A place like Miti Mingi which is located within Elementaita in Nakuru County, is one of the places that is greatly affected by deforestation. The name was coined from the presence of many trees. In the 1980s, it was just a big forest and very few people lived in the area.The area was heavily forested but human settlement changed that. They cleared the land to get space for farming but with time the result was not so good. The place has become really dry.

I also noticed that some trees along the Nakuru-Nairobi highway are being cur down. Most of those trees are within the man-made forest, so i don’t really know what plan they have in place. Its my hope that they will plant trees soon to replace the ones they have already cut. One more thing that also made my heart sunk, was the heavy presence of saw mills around that area. Their exploitation rate will determine the survival of the present forests. many saw mills do have their own man-made forests and its my hope that they are able to balance everything. Its very crucial.
Communities are embracing this campaign by planting tree nurseries and selling the trees seedlings. They do sell these seedlings at a fair price making it possible for many of us to purchase them. Organization are also supporting greatly by promoting these community based projects and sharing of the forests benefits by giving back to the commnuity. This is one of the reasons behind the forests success.
Effects of deforestation takes time to manifest but when they do, the aftermath is deadly. An area can turn from being productive to a desert and reversing the effect is usually next to impossible.
Trees do have crucial part in our ecosystem as they provide oxygen , take in carbon, provide food and shelter to living organism as well as act as wind breaker, soil stabiliser, among others. They have a million benefits to our planet hence need protection. We should venture in ways that promote their conservation.
Small steps go a long way. While planting flowers gardens, we should plant several trees in between. Not clearing all the tree while settling down but rather find a way of co-existing together. helping the young generation understand and appreciate the importance of trees will promote culture of tree planting and conservation into our society.

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