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We are
innovation redefined

Ark is a union of holistic services geared towards building strategic blueprints that help clients operate pivotal parts of their business more efficiently and economically. Among our highly valued assets is the extensive  knowledge base, deep-rooted professionalism and unwavering commitment of our highly qualified, diverse staff.

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Empathising with our customers, finding their pain points and creating strategic solutions is what keeps our boat afloat. We are big on swiftly solving client problems.

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Quality expertise and products supply with pro-efficient and professional staff ensures optimal quality in the services we offer, and that, we do well.

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As we continue to grow, each new day offers a chance for us to work with you. We establish in-depth r/ps with our clients by learning their environments, challenges and goals firsthand.

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We iterate our existing solutions daily to provide innovative business solutions for our clients to meet their custom needs. Innovation allows us to stay at the top of delivering quality aervices.

Welcome to



We are a service driven and supply company. With communication logistics, consultation, electrical and CCTV installations and general supply as our main services. We also deal with supplies and leasing of all types of motor vehicles, square parts, earth moving equipment, industrial equipment and electrical items. We are also involved in construction works of diverse nature. These includes building, roads, bridges, pavements, laying turfs, drainage design and fixing, minor landscaping and other works of similar nature.

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Over 5 years of delivering

Exemplary services

Ark Saiga was established in response to the growing market demand for high quality innovative solutions at affordable prices. Our commitment to refining the development has all owed us to intro Our commitment to refining the development has allowed us to introduce a wide range of products as well as customized solutions that enable businesses to simplify their operations. With business
experience and an ongoing relationship with well established companies , our staff have worked with business leading companies
to acquire an in-depth understanding of
the latest technologies and processes.




Specific exists to cover your construction needs and its related supply. With professional expertise in the services we offer, we continue to deliver exceptional jobs of remarkable quality in building, roads, bridges, pavements, laying turfs, drainage design and fixing, minor landscaping and other works of similar nature. With our innovative edge in supply, we continue to spearhead the industry with positive change in construction and supply.

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Kenbanco Hse

Haile selasie Avn


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Phone: +2547 33 222-783


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Email: info@arksaiga.com

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