But here we are, still not taking any of it seriously, or pretending not to care. Do we really understand that this climate change is a serious crisis that needs 100% attention and action? We are intelligent species that seem to choose what makes us happy as opposed of remaining alive and healthy.

Creating Awareness is also a Climate Action
Conservation Education and Awareness will help reduce human-wildlife conflicts

Unique in many ways and a home to a wide range of amazing people. If you haven’t visited Kenya yet, it should be your next destination.

Love conquers everything. Makes you do crazy stuff, the impossible and fight anything/anyone intending any harm to who.what you love. Personally, I can literally poke your eyes if you did something to my lovely snow. 

Lake Nakuru National Park
Cheche Winnie believes that we are custodians for nature hence it’s our duty to protect it and not cause a threat to it. Conservation education and awareness are vital while conserving the environment. Local communities have been co-existing with our wildlife but not well informed about them despite being the best shot for the success of nature survival. I love traveling and sharing the experiences, join me as we explore, condemn bad deeds towards nature, speak for, fight for and get informed about our lovely nature from all over the awesome places