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Let's Fall In Love with Our Planet and Help Her to Heal.

Do it with a purpose, and let it be a good one.

Our articles simplifies issues around conservation to enable you connect well with our planet and view wildlife as our heritage. 

We let you know how you can positively contribute to a healthy planet. By helping you see what we can do better for a healthier planet. 

Climate change has been center of our news, and environmental natural disasters keep destroying our home. We walk you on how we got here. How we can make the much needed U-turn. 

Climate change can be a complicated subject to comprehend, despite being mostly promoted by you and me. We go through activities that are better for our planet, and cut ties with those promoting climate change injustices. 

Wildlife have more to offer, than just a safari or awesome lion moves on the documentaries. We can learn a lot if we took time to understand them. And your safaris will never be the same again.

Traveling heals the body, soul and offers solutions/perceptions on almost everything. Interacting with nature offers the best therapy sessions. Exploration helps you learn from each other, and appreciate wonders of the Earth. 

It has Been more than 50 years since they warned us about Climate Change
That’s right…, It has been more than 50 years since they warned us about climate change. But here we are, still not taking any of it seriously, or pretending not to care.

Do we really understand that this climate change is a serious crisis that needs 100% attention and action?

We are intelligent species that seem to choose what makes us happy as opposed of remaining alive and healthy.

Let Us Embrace Culture For Growing Trees. Just planting trees, will not offer any help in our fight against climate change. We need to help the tree grow and make it to a point where it can survive on its own.

Planting versus Growing of trees
Planting trees are easy but growing them, needs more work and commitment. Hence yielding the desired results.

It doesn’t help if we manage to plant huge numbers of trees, only for them to die after a few days. We would rather just plant a few and ensure they grow to maturity.

Wildlife Too has Basic Needs, that needs to be met. And working to meet human wants at the expense of wildlife’s needs is very unfair. Needs have upper hand than wants, as we can still comfortably survive without meeting the wants.

We have been encroaching conservation areas for many years now, and still doing so through developments and farming. Wildlife’s space has been decreasing, hence making it difficult or wildlife to freely move around.

Their corridors have been disappearing over time, and they can no longer connect from one conservation area to another.

Are You Planning for a Solo Camping? It’s one of the awesome outdoor activity to undertake on a weekend. Away from the usual stress of the congested cities.

Head-ups before you wonder if you will ever go for a solo camping
As rosy as it may sound or put out there. It may never appear close to that during your very first time. Especially if you are used to all the equipment and devices that has made our live easy.

Am not talking about the fancy solo camping. Where you are within a fenced campsite within a park. With lights, canteen, people to offer services, among others.


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