What do you think about Trade of Live Wildlife?

What do you think about trade of live wildlife? Is it ethical or deserve any legal backing whatsoever? I saw it in one of my friend’s tweets. That some Africa countries are working towards legalising trade of live wildlife. And the thought of it has been eating me up ever since. I have tried to

Are Elephants Endangered?

Are elephants endangered? How vulnerable are their towards extinction? Elephants are endangered species and at least not very vulnerable towards extinction. This is due to their growing populations as results of conservation efforts. Someone may ask, how can a species that has a population of hundreds of thousands be endangered? Answer will be , the

The 5 W’s and I H of Wildlife Conservation

What are the 5 W’s and I H of Wildlife Conservation? Let’s try to break down what wildlife conservation entails. Conservation has been a global concern lately. And more people are showing interest in it. It’s no longer a thing for the concerned parties like the researchers and the like. People are now recognising the

Have an amazing 2019

I wish you all an amazing 2019. A year full of good surprises and what you all desire. Take care of each other and our one and only planet. Remembering that we are all connected somehow. Are Plants and Animals interdependent? How are plants and animals interdependent? Everything living in this universe depends on another living counter

Do you believe in ”legal” hunting?

Do you believe in ”legal” hunting? And what is this legal hunting? The only legal hunting that I know and agree with is. Is a predator (minus humans) hunting it’s prey. It’s their natural way of getting food or protecting their territory. Humans killing animals have no basis of being legal. It’s just an excuse

It Got Me Thinking

It got me thinking once I watched his video. The video was trying to understand the no straw decision made by McDonald. McDonald’s banned use of straws in their restaurants some time this year. In solidarity with conservationists towards fight against the one use plastics. Reports have been going round on the negative effects of

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, dearest ones. Its finally here with us and everyone seems very happy. Its one week that carries heavy week with it. One week to the new year with new possibilities. We get an opportunity to spend with our loved ones and family. But we should not stop taking good care of our environment.

The Tallest Animals Are in Danger.

The tallest animals are in danger. The giraffes in our planet are facing danger of being extinct. Yes, sadly giraffes may leave us very soon. Unfortunately they are not being given same concentration as species such as the elephants and rhinos. Did you ? Giraffes have already gone extinct in some countries such as Eritrea,

Oloolua Nature Trail Place is the place to be after a long week at work

Oloolua Nature Place is the place to be after a long week at work. Especially for those who are still in the city. Those who will not manage to visit family in upcountry due to various reasons. As well as those who love nature and hiking. It’s a place for everyone who loves nature and


ConservationHeroesDay. Is a day dedicated to our wildlife heroes, the rangers.  Today is a very important day where we get an opportunity to celebrate our fallen wildlife heroes. The rangers who lost their their lives while on duty and those still doing it.  They are vital in conservation and their effort much appreciated especially by

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