We don’t have to be made by Laws to stay away from Stuff that destroys our Environment

We don’t have to be made by Laws to stay away from Stuff that destroys our Environment

We don’t have to be made by laws to stay away from stuff that destroy our environment. Do we really have to be controlled by law, so as to stop polluting our environment? Or still, do the restricted stuff in secrecy. This is sad and uncalled for.

Environment laws should come from us

We should be able to be the ones that advocate for policies and laws when it comes to the conservation of our environment.

We should always action any products, services, and stuff we get involved with. As to whether they do right by the wellness of our environment. Before enjoying the takeaway coffee or snack, think of the package used. Will it decompose, or are you introducing pollution to the environment.

As we come up with alternatives products and services, its fair enough to research well enough, to ensure that we don’t replace a problem with another bigger problem.

We have an internet that has made research easier and accessible. As well as an organisation dedicated to helping us with such information.

Laws should not bee seen as a hindrance but rather as gatekeepers to a healthy planet

By embracing laws in a positive way, we will be able to abide by them. Whether in private or public. It should be natural to us. And we can go ahead to ensure everyone abides by them willingly.

When we fail to understand the importance and roles played by the set laws, it will be difficult to abide by them faithfully. But rather see them as disturbing and holding no meaning.

Naturally, we should be able to take care of our environment without even being made to do so by laws and authorities. Just like we are careful about what we consume and expose our bodies to. The same care should be extended to our environment.

If you know that something will harm you, you will do yourself to avoid exposing yourself to such. When our environment is polluted, the consequences are felt by us and other living organisms.


Our environment needs all the positive will it can get. From the politicians, the public and all related organizations. Laws are not enough to keep them safe or reclaim their health. But the willingness and hard work from all of us will do a good job.

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Hey, My name is Cheche Winnie and I love nature especially the wildlife. I strongly believe that the future generation should be allowed an opportunity to enjoy the current natural resources we have. As much as a lot has been lost, there's hope for a safe planet earth. Together we can help fight threats facing nature for a bright future.

2 Responses

    Judy Kim October 18, 2019

    I agree, it seems that we have to advocate for the environment because lawmakers won’t voluntarily ban dangerous products.

    Cheche October 19, 2019

    True, they are always after profits and not the safety of our environment.


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