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About Us

Who We Are

We are on a mission to help more people fall in love with our planet and hence have a reason to protect it.

Our vision

Our vision is of a world where green is not only a color but part of our surroundings. Where wildlife is safe from any negative human activities. Where Climate Action is the Lifestyle

We aim to achieve this vision by:

~ Promoting Climate action & Conservation Education and Awareness.

~ Exploring practical actions towards restoring our planet’s health.

~ Engaging in activities geared towards climate action and conservation.

~  Speaking up for wildlife & advocating for eco-friendly activities.


Winnie is an eco-blogger and climate activist who is passionate about using communications to drive a positive environmental impact in the face of challenges posed by the climate crisis.

She uses her 8 years of experience in grassroots work and campaigning to craft and deliver communications campaigns that align with climate justice – which is vital given Kenya’s vulnerability to the climate crisis. Winnie brings her expertise in designing and delivering communication campaigns that are compelling and drive optimism and hope.

As the Communications Director for Kenya Environment Action Network, she executed a start-up strategy that has seen the movement become one of the most recognized environmental youth groups in Kenya. She has also strategized on fast-paced campaigns such as Local Conferences Of Youth Kenya 2021, Climate Live Kisumu Concert 2021, Nairobi Earth Optimism Event, Updated Kenyan National Determined Commitments, Youth consultations, and the launching of the Kenya Energy Research Compendium that raised the KEAN brand both nationally and globally.

She’s currently a team leader for YMA Going Green Initiative under the umbrella of the Young Muslims Association – an NGO pioneering groundbreaking eco-friendly practices in orphanages and promoting nature education among teenagers and youth. She articulates and designs comms that profile YMA as a leader in sustainable living and business models.

In her community, Winnie is recognized as an organizer and environmentalist. As a Global Conscience Ambassador, she is the official spokesperson on environmental issues. At the heart of all this, Winnie runs a blog to promote sustainable living and advocate for wildlife conservation.

Her impact-driven work has been featured in Nation Media (Kenya’s leading Newspaper), Global Citizen, La Stampa Newspaper, Greenpeace International, Greenpeace Africa, Greenpeace UK, Greiner Talks, and Pass the Mic, among others.

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