It’s one nightmare that we can no longer assume. Most parts of the world have vividly experience consequences of climate change. Biggest contributor being GHG emissions. What is  Carbon Footprint?

Climate action is possible through adaptation and mitigation. By eliminating activities that are greatest emitters of the GHGs. Through policies, capacity building and walking the talk. 

Wilderness has gifted us with amazing wildlife species, from the smallest ones to the giant ones. Unlike domestic animals, humans never managed to tame them. And if you study them closely, you will get a snippet of a healthy life.

I believe that we are custodians for nature hence it’s our duty to protect it and not cause harm to it. Conservation education and awareness are vital while conserving the environment. Local communities have been co-existing with our wildlife but not well informed about them despite being the best shot for the success of nature survival. I love traveling and sharing the experiences, join me as we explore, condemn bad deeds towards nature, speak for, fight for and get informed about our lovely nature from all over the awesome places.