How to have a Successful Game Drive


Successful game viewing is what comes to our mind while planning for a safari. This article will provide you with some useful tips.

The main goal of a safari is to view as many wildlife as possible, but it requires some skills and characters.

Dry seasons are the best season to visit a conservation area.This is so because the vegetation is not dense and most of the wildlife will be easily spotted near water bodies.

Water bodies: Water is life and wildlife will always be drawn towards the water bodies from the lakes, rivers, water holes or even springs. It’s the best place to get an opportunity to witness a crocodile kill.

Patience. A game drive is never done in a rush if you are to enjoy a wide range of wildlife. Don’t rush through, give wildlife time to get out of their hiding places. Most of them will mostly hide as soon as they spot you so you have to find a way of not being detected first.

Avoid overcrowded places. Not only does it cause stress to wildlife, but it also denies you an opportunity to view more wildlife. Especially in their wild state. Minimize vehicle traffic.

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More Tips

Learn more about wildlife habitats. This will help you to find the wildlife dens easily. Have knowledge about them helps broaden your observation and have something to look forward to.

Time. The best time for game viewing is either very early in the morning or late evening and not during the middle of the day. Even wildlife doesn’t like the hot sun.

Always have your game viewing gear with you. For a completely awesome experience of your game viewing, the gear is mandatory.

Tour guide. This is optional but if you are new to game viewing, it’s advisable to have one to help you spot the wildlife.

Have a Happy Game Drive