#30DayChallenge for a better and healthier planet, Eliminate food waste.

#30DayChallenge for a better and healthier planet, Eliminate food waste. By embracing #ZeroFoodWaste. Food is becoming scarce and it would very bad to waste it.

This is observed right from the farms. Farmers should be able to correctly and effectively store their produce before it hits the markets. They should seriously minimize any food waste at their farms.

The buyers and sellers should ensure that they handle food effectively. Storage mechanism used to ensure that the product is still fresh and good for consumption once it gets to the consumers.

When consumers buy food, they should buy what they can manage to fully consume. Able to store their food and ensure no leftovers are left to wastage.

Better yet, to avoid any leftovers. They should cook what the household can comfortably clear out. At the end of that particular meal.

Food waste is a great loss to everyone. From the resources used to finally make it possible to have that food. The energy applied while making and producing that food. So we are not just wasting food, but wasting everything involved in the process.

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