Camp Ndunda Falls: A place that takes Plastic Pollution Seriously.

Camp Ndunda Falls: A place that takes plastic pollution seriously. As much as they allow you a fun and awesome camping experience. They do not entertain any pollution from their visitors.

Camp Ndunda Falls _ A place that take Plastic Pollution Seriously

Awesome new friends, adding height to my life. I hope one day, I will be the tallest one on the team.

Camp Ndunda Falls is located in Embu

I met an amazing business lady that ended up being a great friend, who invited me for a camping experience with her other friends.

Nature invites is one thing I can never turn down. So without a second thought, I was in for the treat.

The roads led to Embu county, a very green place with a beautiful landscape. It took us around three hours to get there from Nairobi.

Its located within human settlements and well-kept forests, a confirmation that people can live in nature peacefully without cutting down the trees.

What can you do in Camp Ndunda Falls

It accommodates a wide range of fun activities. Including:

  • Camping and bonfires
  • Canopy nature walks
  • Birdwatching
  • Wild swing
  • Ziplining
  • Hiking
  • Diving at the falls
  • Mud fun
  • Zumba dance

They allow groups or individuals to have their fun activities there, as long as you respect nature and keep the place clean.

Bonfire always give rise to awesome chats

As we waited for our bonfire

As we waited for our bonfire

The warmth provided by the bonfire comes with love and some kind of openness. That gives birth to memories, chats, talks, etc. That brings people together in a greater way.

As I mingle with my new friends, it was clear, I was in the right crowd.

I loved them instantly and appreciated this golden opportunity of adding three amazing ladies to my best friend’s list.

As I enjoyed the twinkling stars, laughter, calm winds, my heart was contented and not thinking about the world I left in Nairobi.

Camp Ndunda Fall Embu

Do you camp to enjoy a night in the wild or to tame your craziness?

Whichever works for you, no one is judging. All that is important, is that you enjoy the experience and allow nature to take good care of you.

These people have comfortable and warm tents. Being away from the town, the place was silent. No loud noises from the moving vehicles, clubs, etc.

Singing birds were our morning alarm.

Enjoying hiking at the Camp Ndunda Falls

It was time to enjoy maximum fun in this awesome place.

We were briefed shortly before we started our hike.

Our tour guide ensured none of us had any plastics before we made our entrance into the nature trails. I loved that, plastic pollution management at its best.

And they are serious about this

And they are serious about this

It was a short hike that involved other fun activities such as the :

  • Wild Swing: This one made me hear how loud I can scream. It was thrilling, full of screams at first. But it got better with time.

Wild swing

  • Canopy nature trail: This bridge is not very stable and that’s where the fun is. You have to keep a distance between you and the other person. The trail keeps swinging as you make each step. With the river and forest beneath you, you get to enjoy the thrill.


It was a very short weekend and deserves a second visit, to fully enjoy this place.

I hope that all nature parks will embrace this culture of controlling plastic pollution.



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