Forests and Insecurity

Forests and Insecurity.

Forests and Insecurity. How do they relate? Do you buy the idea that forests promote insecurity? Are trees generators of insecurity in our society?

Lately, I have seen people on social media connecting trees to insecurity. They are suggesting that planting of trees leads to security compromises. Meaning that when we plant more trees and have a forest. Then we are open to insecurities. Though they acknowledge the importance of shade provided by these trees during the day. Highway authorities tend to blame trees for poor visibility in our roads.

So, Is this to say that our Forests are dangerous?

I don’t agree with any of their accusations. This is because each and everything on our planet has pros and cons. And the pros of having trees in huge numbers, are more than our imaginary cons.

Many years ago, when my country was going through a civil arrest. And my tribe was a target, so we were being chased away / attacked by the other tribe. We had to run away from our homes. I remember when we had found a church to accommodate us for the night. My dad realized that they had not carried enough clothes to keep me and my sister warm. So my dad risked to go back and get me my coat.

It was already very late in the evening and that was the time the bad people were attacking the houses of the “unwanted” tribe. But dad had to get her girl, the coat. Just as he was about to leave our compound and head back to the church. He heard the attackers breaking our gate. He could not go back to the house to avoid being killed when they finally made it to the house. We had a very huge tree within our compound. And that tree is what saved my dad that dreadful night.

On that tree, he witnessed our shop being looted and our neighbor’s houses set on fire. This singular tree saved my dad and helped me finally get a brother a few years later.

The same tree had a bad side too. It had been used once before by robbers to hide. But they were not successful due to our brave dog.

So yes, trees pros will always surpass cons. And no one can firmly say that trees are a danger to our lives. In fact, we are the dangerous one to not only trees but all natural resources.

Tree species and selection matters

We have a wide range of tree species to choose while making decisions on what trees to plant at given areas.

Tree planting and growing needs you to seriously take into consideration very important factors. Like their adaptations to that area, space they occupy when they are fully grown, types f trees, etc.

For example, fruit trees will do well alongside our roads and within our estate. It will not only provide shade and oxygen. But fruits in plenty. Giving residences in that area, a smiling soul to take good care of these trees.

The strong tall trees alongside highways passing through valleys and escapements. Will prevent cars from rolling over to the valleys in case of an accident. By blocking the rolling cars, saving lives and making rescue mission possible.

Instead of promoting the idea that trees may be a risk to our security. Let us learn more about trees and concentrate on suitable ones in our areas.

Some areas will always be insecure, with or without trees. Important to note, we need trees more than they need us.


Planting and growing trees are one of the remedies for treating climate change. And very important in absorbing all the carbon we are busy emitting. Say yes to forests.

For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver.
Martin Luther

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  1. Pleased your Dad made it back to the family. I’m with you on the trees. The more we plant the healthier our environment will be which is a good thing, right! Linda xx


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