This is the sound of a river flowing.

This is the noise of the birds in the morning.

This is the rejoicing song of animals in the forest.

This is the harmony between the dearest and nearest.

My children were happy in that lovely cradle.

Then I heard rows of their machines from the other side,

I saw the blue turning to the greyish face of my sky.

The roses of my pasture suddenly faded away through the seasons.

What used to be the breath and taste of life has come to be poisoned.

Nowhere was found to lay due to the conquest of man-made buildings.

I tried to fight back and keep my lovesome safe.

I over cried and my tears invaded their space.

I vibrated and opened my mouth to swallow their stuff.

I burned with anger spreading out lava in a puff.

Flood, earthquake, eruption… no matter what they call it.

Can you hear me out? I call for your mercy

Stop torturing me,

Stop destroying my pride

You won’t be able to pay the price

Before it’s too late think about tomorrow.

I am MOTHER NATURE, here I plead.

Stand up for a serious change

Our environment is a paradise to be kept

Strive and fight until you bring out solutions.


Smith Barry, a climate activist and forest expert from Cameroon with experience in diverse fields related to climate action, sustainable development, agroforestry and community development. Protecting the climate and advocating for environmental protection has become his passion and he finds pleasure in doing anything aimed at fostering sustainable development and community development.

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