Holidays Are Here with Us

That’s right, holidays are here with us. Is it me or did this year moved so fast? Just the other day, we were happy welcoming the new year, and here we are ready to welcome another one. Are you happy so far, did everything go as planned, or only a few did. Or maybe everything went south or took a new turn. It doesn’t really matter, as long as you can still send oxygen to your lungs with no machine help. You are good just the way it turned out.

What did we do for our environment?

We had several global, national, regional, local and personal meetings, in search of solutions towards a sustainable environment.

Some of us did their best to air out their environmental concerns, taught others about environmental issues, promoting laws and regulations that are to protect our environment, etc.

We did a lot of talking, but did our actions reflect any of it? I will leave you to answer that.

Trees were planted in huge numbers, one-use bottles and straws finally started to get effective replacements and the government system tried to if not pretending, to recognize the nightmare of climate change.

We now have glass water bottles, steel straws and restaurants allowing us an opportunity to either decline or accept their plastic utensils. The wave of changes is on.

Sadly, we saw decreasing numbers of other living organisms, as a human population continues to shoot upwards.

As we fully indulge in the holiday mood

It’s that week where we use all the savings we made during the year. Time to buy more stuff, enjoy a wide range of foods, enjoy family time (plus drama), and most importantly, enjoy a rest from our usually busy lives.

One week that can either be productive or destructive, depending on how you handle it or it handles you.

We must not forget what has been preached to us throughout the year. Including:

  • Zero food waste
  • No cutting trees, this includes Christmas trees. We are planting and growing them instead.
  • No single-use plastics
  • We are only buying what we really need and in necessary measures.
  • We are carpooling
  • Among other practices that are eco-friendly


It has been more than 300 days, you deserve to sit back, reflect and enjoy. Ready for a new year.

Another chance to be better and correct our mistakes. Just like a bicycle allows you to balance as long as you keep moving, so is life. If w have to run, walk or crawl. let’s do so but we refuse to remain stagnant.

I wish you all the best time ever as we enjoy these holidays.

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