When Climate Change Stakeholders and Bloggers Come Together, Great Things Happen

When Climate Change Stakeholders and Bloggers Come Together, Great Things Happen

When Climate Change Stakeholders and Bloggers Come Together, Great Things Happen. The just concluded Bloggers sensitization workshop just gave me hope in our ministry of Enviroment and Forestry once again.

A few years ago, immediately after graduating and getting my bachelors degree in Wildlife Management. Just like any graduate, I started looking for a job and my first stop was at the Ministry of Environment and Forestry in one of the county government.

Very prepared and confident that I will get a chance to apply what I had learned in class. I was ready for either a job or an internship, but not what I encountered that day.

As you all know how hard it is to have a sitting with the big guys in the government office. So getting an appointment with him was after a few weeks of constant calls and visits to his office. So he had no choice but allow me a few minutes of his time.

I requested him to let me know some of the projects he was currently having for the benefit of our environment and forest. And the answer almost made me lose my cool. He shamelessly told me that, he was currently helping in digging dams for the community. So as to allow them access to water.

That was not a bad idea, but isn’t that supposed to be done by guys from the ministry of water? So innocently made my question clearer, and inquired if he had any projects that directly profited environment or forest management/cover. And there was none.

I had just got my final paper at the university published and it was promoting the planting of indigenous species. As well as highlighting the negative effects of exotic species. It was one of the ideas that I was to share with him but he was not in a position to welcome the idea. So sadly, I went back home and lost faith in this ministry.

Then Blogging Happened

I tried other environmental fields to get a job, but none came through. Since I had to take care of myself and lessen my parent’s burden, I decided to take any job that crossed my path.

My passion for the environment still stayed with me and that’s how I ended up blogging. I realized I could still educate others through this channel.

And blogging through BAKE (Blogger Association of Kenya) helped me get this amazing opportunity to interact with incredible climate change stakeholders.

When Climate Change Stakeholders and Bloggers Come Together, Great Things Happen

This was made possible through a very short informative workshop that allowed bloggers and climate change stakeholders have awesome conversations.

This is a clear indication that the ministry of environment and forestry now understand the importance of involving the youth and information out there. It’s clear that an informed nation will be of great help in curbing climate change stimulators.

With the correct information and in a language easy to be understood by everyone, we can easily embrace sustainable living practices. But most importantly, will be able to cut back on the human activities that contribute to the green house gases that contribute to climate change.

Scientists have all the information surrounding climate change and possible solutions, but how do we spread this information to the common mwananchi in simple terms?

This workshop helped break that down.

Lessons learnt from this workshop

I learned a lot from this workshop and it will take several posts to cover it. So for now, I will just share a few:

  • Climate change is real, whether we like it or not. I know I have said the same in several of my posts, but this time it has some real weight with it. For once, I seriously had that picture of a burning planet in 3d inside my head. With the facts and future predicts made the pictures clearer. And it’s scary. During those sessions, I even thought to myself why would I go a head to have a baby who will be subjected to all these destructions.
  • We don’t have time to debate or politicize about climate change. This is one thing that needs not to be politicized. This is because, we don’t have time to waste, every minute counts. And the planet is warming up whether we agree or disagree with the scientists.
  • Climate change doesn’t care which continent you live in. Whether you have the in most developed countries, developing ones or the underdeveloped ones. You will all roast if nothing is done fast. We may be affected differently by the climate change, but it will eventually catch up with everyone in our planet.
  • It’s time for Africans to wake up and save ourselves. Whether we may love to disagree, but we are the great losers in this clamity and already feeling it’s biting teeth. Drought, floods, among others, already crippling us. No time to feel sorry about ourselves, or steal public funds, etc. We have to stop all this madness and be serious in tackling climate change.


The workshop equipped me with lots of information to share with you guys , so stay in touch and Lets be serious to save our only planet.

It’s not hoax, so lets stop that mentality and think about our future as well as that of the future generations.

This is by joining #ClimateChangeKe #ClimateChange

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