It All Starts With You

It All Starts With You

It All Starts With You. Whether small or big, or whether we believe or not. Everything boils back to you.

Do you want to be alive tomorrow? Living in a condusive environment? With no corrupt leaders? Coming up with crappy policies that infringes your rights? Forcing you to life threatening diseases and discomfort?

Then, you have to act. Act as if your life depends on it. Because it literally does depend on it. It seems that we get used to injustices and mishandling to a point of no longer caring what is being done to us and other human beings.

But am only one person, what impact do I have?

There is where you are dead wrong.

Most life changing decisions were suggested by individuals who believed in themselves. Eventually got backed up by more supporters. So if that one person would have remained silent then no change would have happen.

No change is too small, or anyone too young/old to make these changes. It just need you and me, deciding to make that bold step.

You know littering environment is wrong, go ahead and tell that one person who keeps throwing stuff everywhere. It may be an uncomfortable conversation, but its productive for both living organisms and nature.

It all start with you in those little steps

Look at problems like climate change, from outside you may think that we are beyond saving. And that we should just sit pretty and wait for our fate.

Since all directions and research clearly indicates how screwed we are. After all, it’s an irreversible shift, so we will never be able to get back to where we were before we became monsters towards planet Earth.

So will you just sit back and nothing? Or will you embrace change from an individual point of view? As you work together with those of same thoughts.

Humans are a very interesting species and keeps making everyone including themselves wonder about. How many times do you surprise you own self with some stuff you do? That’s how we are.

We are curious, ambitious, know it all (even when we are clueless but too proud to admit), selfish, self-centered, just to name a few.

We are always thinking about the end product before we can even make the first step. And that’s why we succeed, as we make other species suffer consequences of our actions.

Every action and determination counts

Do you remember me urging you to switch off your lights during the Earth Hour (8:30 pm to 9:30pm 30th March)?

I got several questions and concerns from friends about it. And they could not understand how that could help in anything, leave alone, climate change.

One of them told me, even if I turn off the lights and I be the only in my neighborhood who does that. Does that even count? Or am I just doing it for the neighbors to realize?

Can you relate to the above? This is how we discourage ourselves and kill our productive dreams before we can even proclaim them.

Speaking of which that hour caught me on my way home, and Nairobi City had its lights on (Business as usual 😭). On an individual level, I did honour the remaining minutes of darkness for our planet when I got home.

Babies learn from copying what adults do, from actions to words. Much has not changed in adulthood. But now we are able to know and decide what to copy or not copy.

So someone visits your farm and realizes that you use greenhouses for your farming. And always have something to harvest. While they use the traditional methods and weather disappoints them. Giving nothing to harvest. They will be able to ask more about your method and implement it on their farms. (Lets talk more about these greenhouses in the nect post)

Just because nobody is doing, doesn’t mean you can’t do it

Many are the times where we keep doing the wrong things just like everybody else. Having inadequate strength and confidence to stop the bad pattern. What if you take up the role. And make those changes.

You don’t like the new policies, don’t just remain silent and feel sorry about it. Speak your mind, make your voice be heard. Because those policies will affect you and not the ignorant leaders passing them in the parliaments.

Policy makers are our employees, our tax pays for their salaries, comfortable lives and everything bad/good they do. So why allow them to screw our lives up. They may be ignorant as they want, but not allow them the satisfaction of always doing what they want with our lives.

They are supposed to serve us and not the other way round. Let not their fake and small investments blind us from the huge holes they make us fall into. Let’s scrutinize all the policies they come up with, and if they deny us public participation on these policies. Then we can go ahead to protest and make our voice/opinions heard.

Don’t follow just any crowd you come across. Make some judgment call and look into what their intentions are. And if you see something that is not right, point it out.

Someone somewhere may be waiting for someone like you to follow. They may not be able to make the first step, but they will help you make the second one. So yes, lets speak out.


It all starts with you making that first move, or at least supporting whoever is doing it right. Governments and international bodies may end up disappointing us, but if we can do it together, we may just make them listen to us.

How many of us are happy with their governments? Gone are the times, we could allow them to ruin our time, tax and other resources, as we remained silent about it. Time to make them work, and do the right thing. To their Citizens, animals, environments and everything that is affected by their decisions.

Don’t wait for someone to say it for your, but just like our amazing climate change girl advised us. Lets act as if the house is on fire. Because it is on fire and will all get burnt if we continue doing nothing.

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  1. I share the same sentiment. If the one kid never packed a loaf and two fishes, would there have been anything to work a miracle with to feed the thousands? Of course not… So yeah, start with what small you have, it’ll make the difference eventually


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