Will You Switch Off Your Lights in Honour of the Earth Hour?

Will You Switch Off Your Lights in Honour of the Earth Hour?

Will You Switch Off Your Lights in Honour of the Earth Hour? So today (30th March), we are to switch off our lights for one hour as from 8:30pm to 9:30 pm as per your local time. One hour that will help us see what huge changes we can make if we start getting involved in such tiny acts.

Every action and step counts starting with this Earth Hour Event

This event of switching off lights for an hour in honour of our planet, started in Sydney, Australia, back in 2007. And here we are , it’s being celebrated all over the world. That’s how good deeds can spread and touch many across the planet.

By simply accepting to switch off your lights, it’s an indication that you are ready to help in this fight against climate change.

Climate change is no longer a thing for the scientists and researchers, but everyone including children are joining the conversation. And airing their opinions to be heard as well as acted upon.

This clearly shows that, it’s no longer business as usual. We need each other in this before its too late in a burning/sunk planet.

Do you leave your lights on even during the day?

How many of us remember to switch off our lights during the day?

How many of us advocate use of natural lights in our day to day activities.?

We are so used to the artificial lights both at night and during the day. Our sockets are always on, even when no in use.

Not forgetting our electrical devices. With the remotes, we no longer completely switch off this devices.

Gone are the days you could enjoy moon light and stars

Before industrialization and developments came into our homes, natural light was the major source of light.

Our houses had huge Windows that were always opened during the day to allow in some sunshine. Which came along with some fresh air. That’s not the case nowadays, we have air conditioners and different light bulbs for different time of the day.

You can no longer know the difference between the days and nights. In the name of 24 hours of economy systems styles. People are longer allowing themselves to have enough sleep. And you get wondering why we are currently a planet full of depressed unhappy people.

Am sure most kids have no idea that our stars have different patterns that have been named different. Which happen to be my sister’s best passion while we were young. She knew all the stars patterns, knew when to expect the moon shapes changes, among others. She would always drag me, to go enjoy the view with her. And it was always breath taking.

For now, all we can see is huge and tall buildings, and lots and lots of lights.


It may just be one hour, but it will mean a lot towards efforts in curbing climate change.

Change starts with you and no change is too small, neither is anyone too young to impact change.

Make the time, that is, at 8:30 pm through to 9:30 pm, ensure you switch off your lights. And if you can manage that, who says you can’t manage to reduce on your carbon footprint.

Hope to see your photos of a world with no lights . 😘





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  1. We moved into our house specifically so we could see the stars (him) and it had large windows for a lot of sunlight (me). We still have the sunlight, but light pollution has ruined the stargazing. And I only know of one other person who doesn’t have air conditioning. It’s appalling how dependent we’ve gotten on artificial everything. Love your blog.


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