Waste management is still a key issue affecting our environment and life in general

It’s almost 5 years since Single-used plastics were banned in Kenya. Sadly, we still have waste from the before years. Surprisingly, we do have people who are still using these single-use plastics. Which has been highly blamed on the neighboring countries that are yet to ban it.

I still feel that more awareness of why single-use plastic is bad for our environment needs to be intensive and wide.

Most people stay away from single-use plastics to avoid being arrested, or because that’s what NEMA said. Very few see the reusable bag as the better option for both environment and our well-being.

This slightly explains why the single-use bottles are still a hard nut to crack.

Every waking day, we get news on how plastics continue to be found in our bloodstreams, fish, meat, and other parts of the stuff we interact with in our daily activities.

What do you perceive of any single-used plastics?

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