What Amazon Forest Fire Is teaching us

What Amazon Forest Fire is teaching us. The government doesn’t care much about its natural resources. And who are the governments, it’s the choices me and you make every election year. And the votes bought by the powerful ones.

How have individual governments handled forest fires?

Forest fires have been witnessed in several countries and we have all seen how our governments have treated them. With no urgency, and little will in it. This is despite each of them having some disaster funds set aside in their budgets.

These fires are national disasters, yet they are not treated so. Forests are almost left on their own to suffer the wrath of the raging fires.

Non-governmental organizations have tried their best in such scenarios. Even if it is for the wrong reasons sometimes. You know, the fame and collecting of ”funds”. But we have few genuine ones that ensure everything donated is used for the best of the environment, its wildlife, and the local community.

Kenya had several of its big forests catch fire, which lasted for days. And most of the help came from the NGOs and common mwananchi.

So with the Amazon Fire that its government seems not to be very much interested. It’s time for us to open our eyes and see what we are doing to our natural resources.

As everyone is comparing the attention given to the Amazon Forest fire to that of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. The latter got attention from everyone and people contributed generously to redo it. But what is happening to Amazon now?

We are quick and willing to save what we have built but rarely give attention to what nature has given to us.

Do we try to mend or replace what Forest fire destroys?

How many forests have suffered this tragedy? and how have we tried to repair the damage? We end up losing both vegetation and animals. How many trees have we grown to replace them?

The oxygen we need to live comes from nature and not all the developments we kill ourselves developing.

It is said that 20% of the oxygen enjoyed on our planet comes from the Amazon Forest. This forest is not only important to its indigenous people but to all of us.


Let Amazon Forest Fire help you understand how we have forgotten the importance of nature and humanity. Greed has changed our hearts, making us care less for what matters to us.

Buildings can always be built again, but once our trees are gone and the degrees are up there. Not allowing anything to grow. Only then will we see how screwed we are.

It all starts with you and me. What do you give priority in your life? The time when we will see forests as more important that the cleared field, embrace eco-friendly developments, only then will we be able to fully heal our planet.

The beautifully developed cities can easily be brought down by floods, tsunamis, and other natural disasters. Which can simply be avoided by ensuring we don’t replace nature with developments.

As we continue to support Amazon Forest Fire Online and Offline, what are we doing with our backyard? Are you and your government doing right by the natural resources gifted to your country?

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  1. It indicated that the temperature of the world is rising from day to day, and if we do not pay attention to climate change, we are at the worst.


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