Your Life is Important than an Upclose photo

Always remember that your life is important than an up-close photo. Especially now that most are more concerned about taking photos or recording before they can correctly respond to something. That includes an accident, natural disasters, wildlife, celebrities, among others.

It’s funny and sad what we can do for a photo

It’s funny how instead of building connections with people we consider celebs, we would rather have a selfie. Or help someone involved in an accident. But we will record the whole thing.

A while back, there were these people who recording an entire bank robbery and posted it on social media. You could hear them questioning why police had not been alarmed, or something is done on time. Forgetting, they were the most convenient people to do exactly that.

How many times has your funny friend made you eat a cold meal, just to have a perfect photo for Instagram?

Sadly, we are taking this into the wild.

People are disobeying park rules. Leaving the safety of their vehicles, and go close to wildlife for that perfect shot. Or even allowing wildlife into their vehicles, for a cool video.

What we forget is that we can easily turn into their meals within seconds. And people will make it trend, but you will not be here to witness it. Will it be worth it?

Take Photos, and only leave footprints

That’s what we advise people why visiting wildlife.

We promote appreciating wildlife and memories they help create through photography, as well as videos. We also discourage littering of these areas, by urging you to only leave footprints.

This does not imply you go too close to wildlife, that’s why park rules prohibit leaving your vehicle while within the conservation area. Except while at picnic spots, and areas identified safe for humans.

Wildlife can be unpredictable. They are good at camouflaging, and good hunting. You may think that you are too careful, but still, get surprised by them.

It’s their home, they know the place better than you do. Please appreciate them from a safe distance.

You may get banned for this careless mistake

If you are spotted or reported by other concerned tourists. You risk being banned from visiting that park and/or other conservation areas.


Don’t endanger your life just for an up-close photo with wildlife in the wild. Your life is precious, and we need you around.

Your safety and satisfaction come first, what you feed us online should come second if not third.

Your safety is paramount, same as that of wildlife and your fellow tourists.

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