A Unique and Fun World Migratory Bird Day Celebration

How did you celebrate World Migratory Bird Day? How many bird species did you manage to spot? What are some of the unique and fun activities did you engage in? Did you notice any patterns or odd stuff from the birds you interacted with?


Birdwatching is one of the fun activities while interacting with wildlife. Birds are everywhere, and sometimes you don’t need to go to national parks or reserves to find them. They can be found in your backyard, neighborhood, and villages/estates. This is what makes it fun and accessible.

At first, it may feel intimidating, as the bird’s songs/sounds may sound similar when you are new to them. But what I learned is to easily learn about them, just pay close attention to their behaviors. This will help you know the birds that mimic other birds, among other behaviors that may be confusing.

Pay close attention, birdwatching is more of listening and seeing, and almost no talking. This basically applies to other wildlife, if you would like to witness their natural state. If you want them to remain natural or be able to observe their behaviors well, limit distractions, by being almost invisible.

World Migratory Bird Day in Garissa

Young Muslim Association schools have a strong connection to nature. Which is evident from their surrounding.

By reserving and taking good care of their environment, they have managed to promote a conducive environment for birds.

We were able to spot around 50 different bird species within their premises.

This is a confirmation, that we are capable of inviting wildlife like birds into our homes by simply taking good care of our environment.

Excited and Curious children

From the few interactions I have managed to have with these children, they keep surprising me. They are curious to learn, grasp things fast, and always ask questions.

Despite being new to birdwatching, they were able to comfortably remember around 20 different bird species the following day.

They are always keen to learn and explore new horizons.

Learning about the importance of birds, was a proud moment for them for the efforts they have been pushing toward the conservation of the different plants within the centers. It boosted their ownership spirit, making them happier that their trees are offering a home to these beautiful birds.


They are so many exciting opportunities if we took our time and allow nature to absorb us.

There are a wide variety of activities that can be engaged in while interacting with nature.

All ecosystems are interconnected.

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