AFRICA CLIMATE ACTIVISTS: Young People For Climate Action

AFRICA CLIMATE ACTIVISTS: Young People For Climate Action

Youth have been very active around the world when it comes to climate change. They have realized that if they don’t do something, and most importantly push leaders to be responsible. They may not have a rosy future due to the Climate Change Crisis.

Climate Change is Getting Worse

As days pass by, the crisis surrounding Climate Change keeps getting serious and needs our undivided attention.

Some leaders seem to get it, but others have chosen to ignore the youth and term them as spoilt brats. Unfortunately, they are the same leaders we need in fighting this monster named, Climate Change.

It’s clear that Africa is feeling the heat from climate change. We have been experiencing floods, droughts, species are fading away, agriculture is slipping through our fingers, etc.

We are losing our natural resources at an alarming rate.


This is a group of youth from Africa, who have chosen to be the voice against climate change. They are well represented from almost all countries in Africa, and can easily be found on social media.

Find them on Twitter
Find them on Twitter











East African one
East African one











They share what each is doing towards climate change fight. Hence empowering each other in what way they can. This is a good sign, as we all believe in oneness.

We wanna go far, so we are doing it together.

You are welcomed to follow, connect and help them make their voice heard.


I was introduced by one of my dearest friends to this team, and I have enjoyed each step of the way. The members have the passion, knowledge, morale, and anything you would think of when it comes to a vibrant youth group.

They are in the process of having a website, which will help to catch up with various projects they are involved with.

I love it when we have discussions surrounding climate change and what is happening around the world. I always learn something from interacting with them.

It’s an awesome group, ensure to follow them on social media platforms and learn the noble actions involved.



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