Fall in Love With Wildlife and Help Kill Illegal Wildlife Trade

Fall in Love With Wildlife and Help Kill Illegal Wildlife Trade

Fall in Love With Wildlife and Help Kill Illegal Wildlife Trade. After all, Love conquers everything. Makes you do crazy stuff, the impossible and fight anything/anyone intending any harm to who.what you love. Personally, I can literally poke your eyes if you did something to my lovely snow. And I will also force you to understand the importance of saving wildlife if you somehow thought that they are just wildlife. Because they are closest to my heart.

What are illegal wildlife traders looking for:

  • Scales from Pangolins, alligators, crocodiles and other wildlife.
  • Bones from lions.
  • Horns from mostly rhinos and other wildlife with horns.
  • Tusks from elephants.
  • Fur from the wolf and their furry friends.
  • Skin from snakes, spotted wildlife, giraffes, etc.

Other reasons include:

  • Forced and free labor
  • As a delicacy
  • For medicinal value (which by the way, is a lie)
  • For entertainment in circus
  • As trophies
  • For pets.

London Conference, 2018 on Illegal Wildlife Trade

The conference was dedicated to addressing illegal wildlife trade. Where different countries met to find solutions to these problems.

They were able to appreciate the excellent job being done by the rangers and local communities living near the conservation areas. It was clear that human-wildlife has been a thorn in the local communities’ flesh. And poachers are well equipped, financed than our rangers.

It was agreed that law enforcement was to be tightened around illegal Wildlife trade. As poachers were noted to use countries with weak law enforcement to access the other countries and run this evil business.

Empowering and creating awareness among the local communities will help discourage locals from being used as poachers by the big illegal wildlife trader shareholders.

Illegal wildlife trade is pushing our wildlife to extinction, as well as introducing zoonic diseases among human populations. A win of this fight benefits all of us in great way.


You and I have the power to stop the illegal wildlife trade.

Don’t buy stuff made by this business, or consume game obtained from this method. If they lack demand for their goods, the business will lose meaning.

Be vigilant and report any acts resembling this business. Don’t hide them or remain silent about it. Wildlife’s future depends on your voice on this.

We need a planet where we don’t need armed forces to protect our wildlife. A place where they can safely roam the planet without being killed for any given reason.

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