We Can Do This

We Can Do This

We Can Do This. Coronavirus pandemic has proved that humans can be able to reduce their impact on our planet. It also confirms that we are capable of anything. We can manage to make changes when we really mean it.

Not everyone really needs to work from the office

As more countries continue to announce and ensure lockdowns in various cities. Employees are working from home and things have almost been going on as usual. So why have we being crowding our offices, yet it is doable from home.

This has helped reduce pollution from the transportation industry and eliminated some costs involved in running offices. Some people may have lost jobs in the process, but everything has its cons and pros.

If we can be able to maintain this culture whereby, we only work from the office or move around when it’s really necessary. The greenhouse houses emitted by the transport industry will reduce by a great percentage.

Transport is considered to be among the biggest contributors to greenhouse gases emission. Hence this culture will help make a positive forward step towards fighting climate change.

Now we know what we really need in our homes

It’s clear from the stores’ shelves on what commodities needed at our homes. We were able to go for what we need, as opposed to what we want. Hence reducing wastage and unnecessary purchasing of stuff that mostly end up in the waste bins.

Illegal wildlife trade is lethal

For a long time, we only looked at the illegal wildlife trade, from the perspective of losing wildlife species. Promoting their extinction. We didn’t think much about their effect on our health.

The coronavirus is one of the zoonic diseases, meaning, it was transferred from wildlife to humans. And since most of these viruses are not common to humans, nothing much has been studied about them. Hence making preventive measures next to impossible. And we have witnessed how working from curing without really having any exact medication approach working against us.

Some of the illegal wildlife trade is done to provide “medicinal” benefits from wildlife body parts. Which has never been true and we can all attest to it.

Nature heals faster than we can imagine

It has been only a few months since our activities were drastically reduced, and several countries have reported positive changes in the environment. The pollution levels have reduced and wildlife is going back to their homes that were once polluted and inhabitable.

If we can do it for Coronavirus, we can do the same for climate change. They both have similar weights. It’s just that Coronavirus destroys almost instantly, while climate change has been doing it in small bits that can be ignored to be less urgent. But that’s not the case.

We almost have 50 million climate refugees around the world. And everyone is afraid of what our planet will have turn into by 2050. Waterbodies are shrinking and disappearing. Oceans are expanding and causing nearby towns and islands to sink. Both the underground and mountain ice is melting.

We have to give climate change and action needed seriousness similar and more, as to what we are doing with COVID 19.


It’s tragic and heartbreaking witnessing the huge numbers of deaths due to the coronavirus. And we are in this together as a planet. As no one is safe.

It’s a fight that needs global efforts, to prevent more deaths. People are heartbroken, some have lost hope, while others are at the mercies of exposure and poverty. Before you label anyone ignorant, try to fit into their shoes. Some have to risk or risk dying of hunger.

Let’s be each other’s keeper and try to see the silver lining of this pandemic. One positive thought will help you face tomorrow with courage.

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