Its World’s Elephant Day

Its World’s Elephant Day

Its World’s Elephant Day, a day dedicated to celebrating one of the very important living wildlife on our planet. Elephants have been considered as one of the keystone species, and vital for a healthy ecosystem.

Their existence faces challenges due to the human demand for their ivory. Which has to lead to a serious reduction of their population, almost driving them to their extinction?

As we recognize, it’s important and helpful that we understand who really needs ivory. Elephants are the only species that needs ivory. The rest of us, don’t need it and should not go for it for whatever reasons.

Elephants are awesome and have qualities more desirable than what we have as humans. They are intelligent and take care of their own.

Be the good guy and ensure we don’t lose more of them. Do your part in ensuring that no more elephants die in the hands of the poachers.

Thumbs up to all who work towards ensuring that elephants have safe heaven in our corrupt planet. Every act is vital and important.

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