Be Like Nature

Be Like Nature

Be like nature, she gives us all even when we don’t deserve it. She will try her best to overcome the obstacles we throw at her. By adapting to new survival techniques, just to provide us comfortable lives.

We keep cutting the trees down, but the few ones still provide us with oxygen

Not only do they manufacture oxygen for us, but they also take care of all the carbon dioxide that we emit from all or activities.

Apart from carbon dioxide, we are known for emitting other dangerous gases that are not safe for our health. But we rarely care about that, Nature does so for us.

The trees only need us at their tender age, but once their roots are firmly fixed. They stand on their own. Unlike humans who need help when toddlers or at their very old age. They get stronger with age.

That’s why it’s very painful to watch people cut down very old mature trees for “stupid” reasons. Not giving a deep thought to their actions.

Nature provide shade when the sun showers us with extreme temperatures

It’s funny to see people plus their belongings trying to fit beneath one tree, yet very few will be willing to plant and grow trees.

They will complain of high temperatures, property destroyed and even get sick. But still not get the essence of planting and growing trees. They still see space occupied by trees to be wasted space.

Somehow everyone understands the role of trees and other vegetation in our ecosystem, but we choose to ignore.

Trees and other vegetation gain almost nothing for protecting us from the scorching sun. They may be able to trap sunlight for their food production, but we are huge gainers.

The Ocean will keep absorbing the greenhouse gases, even when we turn them into dumpsites

Their waves may wash the waste back into the shores, but most of it will still remain in the ocean.

They will still welcome us with open arms despite how we treat them.

Their occupants are almost powerless to our actions.


These are just a few ways nature sacrifices everything for us. They may be voiceless, but their intentions are always for our comfortability.

What if we treated nature with respect it deserves? Do everything in our power to be harmless to it.

Not only will we manage to have our healthy planet back, but the quality of life will greatly improve.

Don’t give up on nature, just because everyone else seems to have abandoned her. Do your best, you may end up inspiring more to forsake their meanness towards nature.

Don’t use plastics, just because everyone else is using it. Don’t clear all the tress, if you can manage to co-exist with them, please do. Don’t treat wildlife and other animals badly, they deserve respect too.

If we can all operate as nature does, hatred will be history. And love will spread throughout our planet.

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