Are You For Snails or Slugs?

Are You for Snails or Slugs?

Are you for snails or slugs? With a home or homeless. Or do you see them as food or pest? What do they mean to you? Or you simply remember them when someone does their job very slow? Whichever way you see them, I tend to think that these creatures are adorable and slippery.

Difference between snails and slugs

Snails have shells, slugs don’t.

Lightly, slugs are homeless while snails carry their home everywhere they go.

These shells are also used for defense, whereby the snails hide under them in case of a threat or attack.

Now that slugs have nothing big on their back, they easily slide their way into tiny hidings when attacked, or even while looking for a place to spend the night.

Importance of mucus in Snails and Slugs

  • To retain moisture in their bodies
  • To prevent cuts from the surrounding environment
  • For movement

Their stomach serves as their foot too

Snails and slugs slide their way with the assistance of their bellies. The presence of mucus makes it easier for them to move around.

Would you consume a snail or slug?

They are a source of protein and even considered a delicacy around the world.

This applies to the edible ones, hence very safe for human consumption.

Maybe one day, I will try them out.

Before picking any shells always confirm that no living organism inside

We all love the colorful shells for beautification and other products.

Important to note is that these shells are living hoods and homes, as well as part of animals. And once you force them out, you cut their lives short. Which is not cool.

If the animals have already left or dead, then you can have the shell.

Othe animals too tend to hijack other animal’s shells. This one too should be noted. Let’s not cause the death of any living organisms due to selfish invalid reasons.


Just like tortoises, snails and slugs are slow but sure.

They are simply amazing just like the other wildlife. Don’t step on them or salt them.

If they are a mess in your beautiful garden, find a kind way of driving them away. Salt and chemical, kill them in an ugly painful way. Absorbing all the moisture out of them.

For those who use them for their protein, don’t overdo it and cause a drastic population decline. allow then time and space to procreate.

The planet earth is meant for all of us until we take that last breath.

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