Biodegradable bags

Biodegradable bags

As we work towards a single plastic-free planet, there’s a need to fully embrace the biodegradable bags. These bags will be able to curb plastic pollution and save us a few coins in our pockets.

What is a biodegradable bag?

This is any bag that is able to decompose into the environment, once they are no longer of use. They are not to cause any harm to the environment or take long to dissolve/ disappear from the environment.

The material used for these bags should be eco-friendly and decomposable.

Samples of biodegradable bags

  • Khaki paper bags: These bags have been around for a while, but we were used to them in bakeries or take-outs.

They are now being used for other purposes, hence manufactured to adapt to their new use.

  • Sisal bags/Kiondos: Many years ago, this bag was associated with old people or those from rural areas. But they have managed to penetrate and almost dominating our markets nowadays. Not only are they durable, but they are also made from sisal hence decomposable.

Business people have managed to make them stylish and come in all shapes and sizes. They are strong hence able to accommodate heavy loads.

  • Clothe bags: Especially the ones made from cotton and not nylon. Many have come up with DIY projects that turn old clothes into useful beautiful bags.

Hence beating plastic change and promoting the 4Rs for a healthier planet.

  • Canvas bags: For those who love bags that can serve them long and carry extra heavy stuff. Canvas is your friend.
  • Cassa and Nova Bags: They are seedlings bags produced using biodegradable materials. Hence able to degrade into the soils within 6 months. Once consumed by animals, they cause no harm.

Do you know of other biodegradable bags that I have left out?


Whatever alternative you use for single-use plastic, make sure it’s safe for our environment. Let us not replace a problem with another problem.

Plastic has already taken a lot from us, let’s ensure it doesn’t take more.

By promoting eco-friendly choices in our daily activities.

Photos are courtesy of Wikimedia.

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