Are we over packaging?

Are we over packaging?

Are we over packaging our products? All the wrappings that you have to unwrap when you get home. Do we really need them? Or can they be minimalized?

I came across a video sensitizing on promoting toothpaste with no box packaging

As I was perusing through the internet, I was able to see a video that also highlighted this issue.

It was explaining the insignificance of having boxes for the toothpaste and urging the public to go for boxless toothpaste.

This is already happening in one of the greenest countries.

Their argument makes sense and will save both the public and manufacturers, huge funds.

These boxes consume our trees, energy and even time, for their formation. Yet they are shortly thrown away when bought by the public. Since we are only after the toothpaste and not the box.

Toothpaste is used almost by everyone and on a daily basis. This means the demand for toothpaste is high.

Why should we continue to kill trees and misuse energy for something that is shortly thrown away? Is it logic.

What about other packaging?

Toothpaste is just an example of some of the things that our vendors and manufacturers tend to over-wrap.

A friend recently shared with us, on how apples already have their own safe package (their peel). But we go ahead to peel , dice and package them into plastic bags. But why?

This applies to the electronics too, their packagings are shortly discarded once these gadgets get home.

The many unnecessarily packaging is what promotes plastic pollution. And lie to our brains that we do need them. which is not true.

Where people have managed to embrace practices that promote a healthy environment. You will notice that the packaging is minimal and eco-friendly.

Its people go to stores prepared with their own containers, biodegradable bags and with exact needs. So they will be no room for over shopping or need for plastic bags as a quick fix.

Next time you go shopping, evaluate the number of packaging that your shopping will be into. And understand how we are exerting unnecessary pressure on our natural resources for unimportant stuff.


Can we have a plan to reduce all the unnecessary packaging, and save our environment?

Whatever that doesn’t need packaging, let’s stop packaging it. Starting with our toothpaste.

We will be able to change the industries by going for those that promote the health of our planet. Buy from them and neglect those who still don’t care about their impact on the environment.

Pushing for laws that regulate these industries, ensuring that, not only do they work for their profits. But also ensure our environment and the public remain safe.

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