Uganda cooking with Volcanic rocks to save their Forests

Uganda cooking with Volcanic rocks to save their Forests

Uganda cooking with Volcanic rocks to save their Forests. Isn’t that amazing? It’s great to see more countries embracing ways that are eco-friendly. Hence writing off the damage we have been causing our environment.

As much as we may need developments and innovations, we were blinded sided when it came to its effects on the environment. But not anymore. We are now conscious of our actions and choosing our moves carefully.

Forest cover has been reducing in our planet at an alarming rate. This is partly due to the need for firewood and charcoal for cooking. We have lost a huge number of indigenous trees for this need.

Not only did our cooking eliminate our trees, but it also introduced air pollution into our homes. Promoting respiratory diseases amongst ourselves.

So when we bump into such innovation, its a big win to all of us. This technology will help save the remaining forest cover, and cost by the community.

How does it work?

You need to have a stove where the heated volcanic rocks will be placed.

The volcanic rocks are broken down to manageable sizes. Then subjected to heat after which a fan is faced their direction to ensure effective air supply.

The rocks are able to hold heat for a couple of hours. And that’s what is used to cook the food.

These rocks can be used repeatedly for a period close to two years.

Important to note

These rocks need to be soaked in hot water for a few minutes. After which they are allowed to dry for a few days.

This process prevents them from emitting sparks when they are finally subjected to heat.

Obstacles facing volcanic rocks cooking

It is too expensive, the small domestic stoves are priced at $100.

Being a developing country where a big part of the population experience extreme poverty. It’s unaffordable to many.
This part of the population is the same one that depends on charcoal and firewood, as a cheap means of cooking their food.

High maintenance/production cost

The fan that is used to supply the stove with air need power.

It can either be solar or electricity.

Its power consumption may be too expensive for the user to maintain.


As we can see, its a good technology that will help us fight deforestation.

If the production and maintenance costs can be reduced to be affordable to all. It will get to be used by a good number of community members. Hence leaving our forests intact.

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