Clean Energy, Thermal Energy or Renewable Energy

Clean Energy, Thermal Energy or Renewable Energy

Clean Energy, Thermal Energy or Renewable Energy. All these energies are destined to provide us electricity. A very importance source of power to almost everything we do in our daily lives.

Do you know which of the above your country uses to produce power?

Due to climate change and environmental degradation, most countries have been careful on what means to use while producing power. They are working on doing away with any means that emits greenhouse gases.

Energy bills have also been created and the power providing companies subjected to go by them. These bills are in such a way that production of power doesn’t cause harm to the environment during the whole process.

It also controls how much renewable sources are been extracted. As well as waste management by these companies.


Clean energy is simply any form of energy which is created with clean, harmless, and non-polluting methods.

Renewable energy is any type of energy which comes from renewable natural resources, such as wind, rain, sunlight, geothermal heat, and tides.

Thermal Energy (Geothermal energy ) refers to the energy that is generated and measured by heat.

So which energy is good for our planet?

Through the definitions, we are able to eliminate thermal energy. It’s one of the energy that is being discouraged while producing power.

For a safe planet, we are to only use clean energy. But we are yet to get there. So renewable energy has been a better option. As the companies work towards getting fully involved with only clean energy.

Renewable energy can be both bad and good.

When we go ahead and overexploit the renewable resources, then it becomes a bad means of power. As the resources become scarce or depleted.

Samples of energy technologies

Wind Power

This is where the wind turbine are used to convert wind to power. They work effectively in areas where winds are stronger and more constant. In places such as offshore and high-altitude sites. Wind-generated electricity met nearly 4% of global electricity demand in 2015.


This is where water is used to create power. It can be water stored in huge reservoirs, huge water bodies or dams. They can either use the waves or tidal power. It’s most used technology for creating power.

Solar energy

This is where light and heat from sun is converted to power. This is through solar heating, photovoltaics, concentrated solar power (CSP), concentrator photovoltaics (CPV), solar architecture and artificial photosynthesis. It’s among the advocated technology for producing power as it is considered clean energy. So more countries are being advised to embrace solar energy.

Geothermal energy (Thermal Energy)

This is where heat generated and stored in the Earth is used to create power. This can be extracted form hot springs. This one contributes to global warming.

How do you save energy as an individual?

As the energy bills work towards ensuring that the energy producers work with the best energy options. We are expected to do something at individual level.

This include using energy saving appliances and not mis-using energy.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure that we use clean energy and don’t mishandle energy given to us. Energy is important in our daily activities. Hence should be taken good care of.

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