Into the Wild Rabbit Hole

Into the Wild Rabbit Hole

Into the Wild Rabbit Hole. Have you ever been lucky to spot baby wild rabbits in the wild. If not, don’t worry. Many don’t get a chance to spot them. This is due to the technique used by their mother. They are good at hiding their babies.

Did you know that Wild Rabbits hide their babies underground?

One important goal in the wild is to remain alive. So various wildlife has come up with genius ways of protecting their kids. Before they get old enough, to do so on their own.

Especially the ones considered as prey, know very well that anytime. If not careful, they may end up being breakfast, lunch, dinner or late night dessert for some predators.

So the wild rabbits, saw the holes to be the safe haven for its babies. And it has been working well so far.

They only leave a very tiny breathing opening and create leave too many foortprints. As well as their smell to confuse the predators, incase it passes by. It’s how they manage to keep their babies away from their predators.

The mother rabbit limits her trips to the nest, two times. Making it extremely difficult for the predators to find their nest.

Funny enough, they have been observed to make nests in plain areas. Their nests being underground , make it possible to have it in the open fields.

The baby rabbits only come out to feed and get buried back by their mothers.

The mothers are the ones responsible for building these nests. The nests are built in areas with plenty of food as well as good cover for hiding their nests.

The nests are filled with brushes , rabbits’ fur and other smooth materials that are aimed to bring comfort to the nest.

Are Wild Rabbits similar to the bunnies at home?

Not exactly, the wild rabbit are more dependent and self-sufficient. Especially the females. They are responsible for raising the baby rabbits.

They are also not closely related, expect for one wild rabbit species. Wild rabbit is related to the hares and pikas.

Getting to know more about the wild rabbits

Due to the high numbers of predators, these rabbits have a very short life span. They compensate this sad fact by giving birth to huge litters of up to five baby rabbits. They give birth annually.

Just like their domesticated counter parts, wild rabbit diet is mainly plants. They also feed on the poop just to ensure they don’t miss out any nutrients. Resulting to hard droppings mainly constituting of fiber.

They have long ears, short tail and very strong hind legs.

They run, more like hopping in zigzag while escaping from their predators , and will run towards bush or borrow. That will keep the predators away.


Do you have a rabbit hole of your own? And does it have standards like the one for the wild rabbit?

Maybe if the endangered species had powers to hide like these intelligent wild rabbit, they would have escape human cruelty through poaching.

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  1. We have hares, not rabbits, on our farm. And we’re very excited when we spot one. We’ve never seen a baby, which I realise is a good thing – they are safely hidden from predators.

    • Wow! That’s lovely and caring. All bunnies whether the wild or domesticated ones, always offer some good company. They know how to hide their babies form enemies.


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