Did you know that Lions are disappearing?

Did you know that Lions are disappearing?

Did you know that lions are disappearing? Their populations are rapidly decreasing around the world. And the rate at which they are declining, is alarming.

Shocking Facts

  • In 21 years it’s population decreased by 43%.
  • Regionally, lions have gone extinct in 15 African countries.
  • In 1996 the IUCN Declared lions to be a vulnerable species.

Snippet about Lions

Their scientific name is Panthera Leo.

It’s one of the big cats in our wildlife world, also known as the king of the jungle.

They weight around 125 to 272 kilograms and may live 10 to 18 years in the wild, but up to 30 years in the activity.

They can be found in savannas, plains, grasslands, dense bush, and woodlands.

They depend on the herbivores for food as they are carnivores.

The adult lion has no predator except the humans.

Reasons why we should not allow Lions go extinct

It’s the king of the jungle, how do we sit back as they go extinct. Wildlife kingdom will lose it’s king. We need them.

Lions are apex predators in their ecosystems and play a crucial role in keeping a healthy balance of numbers among other animals, especially herbivores like zebra and wildebeest . Which in turn influences the condition of grasslands and savannas.

Lions are amazing animals despite their huge size. They have been known to cherish a relationship with those close to them even humans. They know how to be grateful and cherish those moments.

They ensure order in the jungle. By marking their territories just like the other predators. They help promote even contribution of predators throughout the jungle. Hence able to manage the populations of the herbivores.

What contributes to the lion extinction?

  • Poaching: They are being poached for their body parts such as their teeth, bones, skin, etc.
  • Human-wildlife conflicts: Their natural habitat is becoming smaller each day and this makes lions find themselves in community lands. Research has confirmed that most wildlife is found outside the protected areas. And this create problems when they collide with livestock. It leads to their death as humans protect their lives and property.
  • Habitat destruction and loss. They no longer have a home.


Lions are very vital in our lives. But its clear that we are losing them just like we did with dinosaur. Then we can be watching them on drawings or movies. With their bones stuck together in museums.

We don’t want that to happen. Lions makes people to travel across continents just to have a moment with them. If they can make you save money for several years just to travel to Africa. Let them make you fight for them too.

Don’t allow other “insensitive” humans continue killing them for their body parts. Or captive them for circus or illegally pet them. Speak up for the king of the jungle.

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  1. They found a tiger in a cage in an abandoned apartment yesterday. Luckily it looked well feed but people are crazy. Chances are he won’t be able to back into the wilderness after being around people. I love lions, you know I love them all.

  2. Lions are a vital part of ecology and now tourism economy. It is too bad if we are losing them. I thought Africa has created protected forests for preservation of lions.


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