Dear Poachers,

I hope one day you will understand the importance of wildlife on our planet earth.

We are all looking for some means to pay our bills but our activities should not cause any harm to the rest of the world. Its “cool” to be the bad guys but it’s fulfilling to be the good guys and even better to be “that guy”. Yes , that guy who doesn’t do dirty jobs to cater for his needs.

Deep inside your hearts, I know you feel something while murdering those innocent wildlife. Most of you don’t really understand why we keep fighting for the wildlife in the jungle. You don’t really understand while killing an elephant or a rhino is a big deal , after all, they belong to no one specifically. They also don’t belong to you either or even to the big “fish” that make you do the dirty job. Its time you woke up and stop allowing them to use you.

They make you risk your precious lives to the wild animals and brave rangers. Some of you end up losing their lives while doing this dirty dangerous job.
Wake up from your nightmare and join the rest of us in protecting what is left of wildlife. Lets work together and ensure that wildlife survives extinctions. Your future generation will be very happy to enjoy what you are currently busy eliminating for no good reason. Instead of sneaking into the wild at night to make a kill, go for a game driver during the day with your family and enjoy nature. You will thank be later, trust me.

You are the best guys who can help promote conservation education and awareness. Nature needs you badly. Please allow nature a chance to heal you and prosper. Get to understand these animals that your ordered to kill. Give them a chance to show you their bright side. Evaluate on your own if it’s really necessary to kill the innocent wildlife. You can start by trying to watch the wonderful nature documentaries, they will help you grasp a thing or two.
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