Letter To The Wildlife Rangers

Dear Wildlife Rangers,

I hope this finds you well.

Am always motivated and mesmerized by your sacrifice while working to ensure that our wildlife gets a bright future and survives extinction.
It’s not just a job but rather a devotion. You put wildlife literally before everything even your own lives. Not everyone is ready or capable of doing the same.

Most of your family if not all of them, don’t get an opportunity to enjoy your company and affection due to your absence. But i hope they do understand that it’s for a good course. Your daughters, sons, wives, husbands, relatives among others will never be able to fully understand your sacrifice but i hope you get to enjoy everything you ever wanted in life.

When we sing and joke about living every day as if it is the last, you guys actually live each day as if it is the last. The poachers are out there ready to kill if you interfere during their evil mission while the animals you protect may forget that you are the good guys hence attack you. But you don’t mind all that, you soldier on and offer protection to the natural treasures.

You no longer get to enjoy the warm meals thus settle for the dry and canned food that is portable as you move through the jungle. No much of Friday night outs of movies and drinks, no much of friends bonding, frequent time offs. Leave days and few day-offs are the only days you get to rest and mingle bt you never complain. As the rest think that they do a lot and head streets to complain of poor pay, you don’t do any of that. According to me, I think you are the most disciplined force we have on planet earth.

I love the way you offer guidance and security during game drives, hiking, expeditions. You are able to offer information with a special touch, well-tailored information that can never be documented. The passion in your words as you help us understand nature is way cooler than enjoying an ice-cream on a sunny afternoon.

5 thoughts on “Letter To The Wildlife Rangers”

  1. It is so heart warming to find bogs like yours which are passionate about Nature, its conservation and preservation. I wish you well in this important work that you do to bring such issues to the attention of others. Keep it up. And thank you so much for the follow of my blog. I truly appreciate it.

  2. I’m in awe of the dedication, courage, and love these wildlife rangers demonstrate toward the land and animals they care for. I realized this was a physically and emotionally challenging job, but I hadn’t realized their lives are in danger from poachers. Wow. I salute them all! What amazing people! Thanks for celebrating them.


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