Wildlife clubs plays a vital role in conservation at grassroots. These clubs are introduced to all schools and education materials provided.
Wildlife clubs of Kenya  (WCK) is a charitable organization. It offers training and research programs. It is responsible for the various wildlife clubs in Kenya.

It was founded back in 1966. It’s main goal being to enlighten the youth on the environment and wildlife. This organization is supported by the Kenyan government through the Ministry of Environment and Natural resources.

It’s has mainly been successful in schools, colleges and university. They also allow corporate, individual and charity membership plans.

Benefits of joining wildlife clubs of Kenya

  • Subsidized park fees for members.
  • Abundant information through training and research,
  • Cheap accommodation.
  • Participation in fun activities.

So how does conservation benefit from these clubs?

Enlightening of the youth

Youth are the background of the society. Enlightening them provide strong support towards conservation and environment.

Provision of the needed knowledge about environment and wildlife

WCK offers teachings, videos and illustrations about conservation. They apply various method to spread conservation education and awareness.

Promotion of the domestic tourism

As a WCK member, you are able to enjoy subsidized park fees. This in return promotes domestic tourism within the local community.

Productive fun activities that promote conservation

WCK fun activities include tree planting, workshops, essay , among others. These activities are geared towards conservation.

Promotion of careers that promote conservation

WCK offer training and research that promotes careers in environment.

If you are a teacher or lecturer, I would like you promote wildlife clubs. Lets encourage more participation. It is also advisable to provide charity to this charitable organization. Any support will be well appreciated.

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