How To Get The Best Out Of The Floods

How do we get the best out of the current floods? This post may be a little bit late. I wish I had written it two months ago. Maybe by then, I would have taught a soul or two on how to save the rains we have been receiving. As well as provide some cautions for safety.

It’s very sad and heartbreaking to witness the destruction of properties and lives. People narrating how their loved ones and livestock were buried by the moving mud due to landslides and floods. The farms have been destroyed. Food security will be a problem for sure.

The meteorological department did their job well. Offering useful information for the current flood situation. They have failed us before, hence not many believed them at first. Their predictions were not taken seriously so people were caught in surprise. Both the county and national governments were advised on various ways to save its citizens. Some complied early enough, some didn’t. And now everyone is crying for help from the national government. This is very right since we are its employer and should take good care of us.

So what could we do as citizens?

Always be alert

Equip yourself with all the needed information about the floods. You should be able to know how prone you are towards the floods. If it’s likely to affect you and to what extent.

Relocate to safe zones

If you live on the low lands, it would be wise to move to the high places. You don’t have to wait until the water starts rising. As soon as there’s a warning of possible floods in your area, make a point to move out. Prevention is always better than cure.

Salvage your property

Move your valuable items to a safe place. Whatever you are able to save from flood’s possible damage, take it a safe zone. Not forgetting the valuables, supplies, among others.

Avoid movements around the flooded area

Don’t try driving through flooded roads or areas. This will protect you from being swept away by the waters. It’s also not safe to walk either. The waves of floods are unpredictable and dangerous.

The above tips will enable you to stay safe during floods. Life is precious and should be guarded.

Is it possible to harvest floods?

Floods give us access to huge amounts of water. The water mostly ends up in the soils hence wasted. They are water solutions we can apply to get positive results from these floods.

Construction of ponds

Artificial ponds can be built around the flooded areas. These ponds should be used as water storage. Hence built with materials that do not allow water seepage.

Hand-dug canals

This involves digging of canals that will cause diversion of the floods into the farms. The farmers should be able to dig these canals before the actual flood for effectiveness. This also allows evenly the contribution of floods on the affected areas. Saving vegetation from destruction.

Construction of dams

More dams should also be built to contain excess water. While building these dams, size should be considered. With the recent outcomes whereby the available dams busted due to the floods. Size should be able to accommodate such incidence.


These reservoirs will help accommodate spillage from the overflowing dams. They will accommodate more water increasing the harvesting capabilities.

Benefits of Harvesting Rainwater and Floods

Productive farming

The harvested water will be sufficient for the crops. Farmers will be able to supply their crops with adequate water hence increased productivity. They will be able to have access to water when it gets scarce. This will be when the rains stop.

Prevents soil erosion

By harvesting water, it’s destruction on the soil structure will be minimized. The runoff can cause serious damage to the soil if uncontrolled. Soil erosion will also mean crop destruction which will result to food scarcity.

Water security

Most places especially Africa suffer water shortage. This is due to the frequent and severe droughts. Agriculture is one of the backbones of our economy. With water shortage, we end up losing a lot. The harvested water will help eradicate this.

Reduced property destruction and loss of lives

When the water is harvested, this means that most of the floods will end up in the reservoirs. As a result, it will not cause property destruction and loss of lives. The water that will manage to escape will not a heavy impact on the affected areas.
All in all, the most important thing to do during floods, is to stay safe and alive.

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