Do you believe in Scientists?

Do you believe in Scientists?

Do you believe in Scientists? Or you see them as different people who scare us with possibilities?

Some time back some people thought scientist was against religion and hence distanced themselves from them. They saw them as obstacles to believing in the higher believe.

But instead, they help us understand things in our planet. We get to understand different cells in our bodies and their functions. We broaden our knowledge on the chemical properties surrounding us. As well as get to have a deeper understanding on all biological structures and effects on us.

Through science, life became bearable and easy to live. We were able to get medicines and stopped dying from diseases that were curable. It also provided means to understand our interconnection relationships better.

Science provides answers with evidence attached. No guesswork allowed and research is done several times to confirm.

Who is a scientist?

It’s someone who conducts scientific research to advance knowledge in an area of interest. It involves careful observation, applying rigorous skepticism about what is observed.

How do scientists assist in fighting climate change and global warming?

Science helps to uncover events we can work on to prevent future damage. They go an extra step into the future and check if things will be okay or we need to adjust to make them better.

Most live one day at a time. Which is a good thing. But not the case in the world of climate change and global warming. We need to forecast how these two will have progressed in the next few days/weeks/months or even years.

With this information, we can be able to eliminate some of our negative actions and embrace what is friendly to our planet.

Scientists proposes an explanation for a phenomena and through indicative reasoning, they get to have a clearer conclusion. They are able to study each of the elements involved in climate change and global warming.

This includes studying:

  • Effects of the greenhouses gases.
  • Impacts from industrialization and urbanization.
  • Food waste effects and ways to reduce it.
  • Rate at which the ozone layer is depleting and what needs to be done.
  • Oceans, etc.

Their experiments helps us to come up with environment friendly practices and policies.

Don’t think its time we involved them in leadership of various projects handed to politicians?

Almost everything nowadays has been politicized. Without necessarily putting into consideration if they need to be politicized.

I don’t know about other parts of the world, but in Kenya, this is evident. Most leaders in various environment related projects are selected not because of what they have studied or know about environment. But due to the political interest and support. That’s why you find leaders in awkward position when things go wrong.

They end up up having to rely on their junior for advice and decision making. And with no enough knowledge, they have no chance of really knowing when they are being misled or duped.

Can we just stop involving politics in things they don’t need to be? Something’s just need deep knowledge and understand , and not empty propaganda brought by politics.

We need a voice that gives facts which are taken seriously and acted upon. If something needs to be fixed, then regardless of what the politics feel about it. Necessary should be done to address it for the good of the Citizens and environment.

It’s very disgusting to see politicians using environmental catastrophes to confuse the public or gain their evil desires.

Climate change and global warming are serious topics that involves all lives in this planet. It’s effects will not change just because you changed your political party when they stopped giving in to your desires. It does care about what political party you belong to or believe in.

It’s effects affects all of us equally. And all decisions made about them, should be taken seriously and political unbiased.

That’s why i think it will be productive if we left such projects to the experts and not politicians.


Just like historians help us to understand our past, scientists help us to understand our future.

We should take their findings seriously and action where we need to. They are simply giving us a chance to undo destruction we have been doing to our poor planet.

Science is fun. Science is curiosity. We all have a natural curiosity. Science is a process of investigating. It’s posing questions and coming up with a method. It’s delving in.

Sally Ride

25 thoughts on “Do you believe in Scientists?”

  1. Isn’t paradoxical that scientific inventions are the ones that lead us to most of the issues with climate change and extinction and yet our hope is in them?
    Plastic, nuclear waste, monoxide, noise pollution… All scientific inventions.
    Man has lost his ability to coexist in Nature. Too much thinking. Too many interest s to profit. Science depends on funding.

  2. This article is right on target, you have hit the nail on the head. Here in the US, some politicians are just as uncaring about climate change and the problems the world faces today as you’ve experienced. They really don’t have a person in office here that is an expert. Most of the environmentalists and conservationists that I am connected to have to fight for many issues that should be given funds and attention without it. The attention of those politicians lies in commercial development, of course where there is money and greed. Each week I sign a multitude of petitions stopping those in office from violating national parks to stopping commercial development on sacred land. One light this week, the US Senate passed an environmental package that was a huge win for national parks and for some public land. The best way for these serious issues to be addressed is to put conservationists and environmentalists in positions wherever government is making decisions about our planet. They should focused on the interests of the people, not themselves.

    • That’s very true. People with adequate know-how about climate change and conservation stuff should be allowed an opportunity to protect our planet. This opportunity will be a success for all of us, both humans and wildlife, unlike most politicians motives.

  3. Yes, scientists play important roles around us, as they look ahead into future. Experiments and trials are necessary part. Precautions should always be taken to protect people, animals and our environment. People should be aware and have given consent and compensation clear.
    Very thought provoking, thanks Winnie.


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