Creating Awareness is also a Climate Action

Creating Awareness is also a Climate Action

Creating awareness is also a climate action. Anything done to help fight climate change is an important action. And when able to deliver its work, we get to conquer the climate change monster.

Climate change was known to be a thing for the Scientists

Climate change didn’t start the other day, it has been here with us for a while now. We got to be serious about it when its consequences started affecting us aggressively.

But still, have some people not yet convinced on why its an issue.

It was confined in the labs and research. Whereby scientists studied the changes and what caused it, rarely giving us options on how to stop it.

Those doing sciences were lucky to get a snippet about it in the classes. But only the passionate one really understood the severity of this monster.

Then Environment Activists Happened

Activists from any group are known as people who decide to make positive changes that they want on our planet. And they ensure to involve others.

The same applies to environmental activists. They used all means possible to ensure that climate change was familiar to everyone. Breaking down the scientific big words into simpler ones that can be digested by the public.

They have been doing so for a while now, and we can attest to the progress made. At least we can say for sure, those who can access the internet or social media have a high probability of having known little about climate change.

This has been possible through awareness and people speaking up.

Climate action is the savior of our planet Earth

Climate action is the cure to climate change. Which includes climate mitigation, climate adaptation, awareness, and capacity building.

The above heavily relies on the awareness created by the people. We have to empower them with sufficient and correct information.

Allowing them to understand the impact of human activities that contribute to climate change. And how they can replace those activities with healthier and eco-friendly ones.

Mitigation and adaptation will be effective once people understand the cause and importance of their actions.

How do you create awareness?

You don’t have to do giant projects, protests or seminars to create awareness. Start with baby steps, right where you are.

You see your neighbor not separating their waste, help them understand why it’s important to them assorted.

In town or a park enjoying evening walk, and notice someone littering. Educate them on the importance of not littering our environment.

Or maybe in a place that offers animal circus, you get an opportunity to advise against it.

Using social media, talks and where applicable to teach others about conserving our environment and keeping other living things safe.


You are enough weapons in fighting climate change.

And knowing that our only hope is in trouble about to bow up. Time to do all we can to be climate solutions and not climate problems.

It starts with and you, extending the knowledge we have with others. Building a strong network that will help win this fight.

8 thoughts on “Creating Awareness is also a Climate Action”

  1. Yes! And painting the tops of buildings white or covering with plants would help lower the city ‘heat island effect!’

    As would feeding Gas-X to farting cows!

    Cow belches, conversely, are hilarious. It’s the rare issue that’s seriously impactful and giggle-inducing—bovine flatulence is a precious, smelly diamond in the climate change rough. And it turns out to be an even bigger problem than we thought.

    A new estimate of the global methane emissions from cow mouths and butts is 11 percent higher than previous stats suggested. The study was funded by NASA’s Carbon Monitoring System program, and published in the journal Carbon Balance and Management. Fortunately, it seems that the U.S. estimates are still on track. It was mainly the global numbers that varied.

  2. The imminent mortality of human life for debases the climate change initiative. Ego filled people just feel they will be long dead before the problem threatens earth so why bother to do anything.

    • Forgeting that climate change is already here with us. We are suffering the consequences and losing our unique species at a high rate. We really have to pay attention and let go our ego.


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