How Safe and Fresh is The Air you are Breathing in Right now?

How Safe and Fresh is The Air you are Breathing in Right now?

How safe and fresh is the air you are breathing in right now? Can you say that you are enjoying a conducive fresh air? Or are you among the many exposed to the polluted atmosphere?

Fresh Air is slowly becoming a luxury

As trees disappear from our surroundings, so do the fresh air.

You can tell the difference between the air quality and even quantity in areas with trees and those without. The crowded cities are no longer safe for our lungs. And their atmosphere is vulnerable to different kinds of pollutions.

The trees also help to reduce heat intensity in the atmosphere. Making breathing refreshing to the nostrils and lungs.

Long-time ago, I would feel offended…

Long-time ago, I would feel offended when I saw tourists covering their noses with scarfs when their visited my country. I saw it as a form of insult, and wondered if this place had bad air, why would someone bother to visit us. I felt as if, their action was not justified.

At school, we also could joke on how kids who lived alongside roads ended up “stupid”. And jokingly said, they had inhaled excess GHGs from the moving vehicles.

Then I came across an article explaining severe atmospheric pollution being experienced around the world. How nostrils no longer sufficient to clean the breathing air that goes inside our bodies. Hence needed some help.

I was shocked to learn that some parts of my country had also been marked as dangerous for human survival, due to air pollution.

It all started to make sense.


Transport industries and industrialization have been among the most blamed organizations for our predicament. They are the source of atmospheric pollution and we are the ones with the power to tame them.

By engaging in safe human activities that do not contribute to any pollution, is the safest thing we can do to ourselves.

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  1. Living on the northwestern coast of Denmark, with always a breeze from the west, I think I am a very lucky person. Not much traffic here, not much industry… but that’s the reason why we moved here. The fresh air.


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