Trees are the best Wind-breakers

Trees are the best Wind-breakers

Trees are the best the wind-breakers, so when we cut them down for the sake of billboards, we are bringing danger to ourselves.

A few hours ago, Nairobi and some other parts of Kenya experienced strong winds that left many in dark. We have numerous power outages, fallen billboards, trees, and other stuff that we’re unable to stand strong.

We have several selfish people who have to lead to cutting down of trees along highways for selfish reasons. And at least, yesterday nature submitted a test of its wrath.

We need trees for many reasons

We have been having several campaigns advocating for planting and growing of trees. We have been doing our best to hit the target set to accomplish the desired forest cover.

But unfortunately, developments and other activities have to lead to the clearing of the older mature trees. A very sad and depressing state, facing our nation.

I have never understood why we are yet to embrace nature among us. We have witnessed many other nations embracing nature in their developments. Allowing trees to grow in the cities and on the highways. Having malls that have mini forests within them. I wish we will get there too.

Lessons learned from the strong winds

We may concentrate on the developments, but nature has the power to bring everything down in a matter of seconds.

We cut trees in the name of preventing them from interfering with our power lines, yet forgot they would have helped to fight off the winds. So ended up with power outages and fallen poles. So, do we really need to bring our trees down for such reasons?

Billboards may need visibility for their marketing goal to be met, but when they start being brought down and destroying property and life. Is it worth it?

Nature has the final say. We may decide to ignore her and go on business as usual. But when the time comes and she decides to clear everything on her way. She will do so mercilessly.

Let this be a golden lesson learned and measures taken, to prevent a repeat of the same.


When you are about to prioritize nature for developments, please understand what nature is capable of.

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