Customer Education and Awareness is Penetrating Everywhere

Customer Education and Awareness are Penetrating Everywhere

Customer education and awareness are penetrating everywhere. Exactly what is needed to help save our planet together. I was enjoying a bus ride to work, not one of the best days but two stickers brightened my day. The two stickers advised against pollution and us being part of the solution.

Do you read stickers, billboards, posters or any writings around you?

When my parents were teaching us how to visit the stores on our own, they used these structures to help us know our surroundings. They would insist that we always read the building, streets and area names. By looking for the names, we would bump into the billboards, posters and other writings. Hence we got used to reading stuff around us.

So when I board any bus, I always read stuff posted on the sides, inside and on the roadsides. And this is how I noticed the awesome post that was promoting conservation education among the passengers.

I could not help smiling and taking a picture, it was an awesome moment.

Be a part of the Solution Not part of the Pollution

Be a part of the Solution Not part of the Pollution

Stopping Pollution is the Best Solution

Stopping Pollution is the Best Solution

Knowledge is Power, including conservation education

By understanding how we promote pollution, emit greenhouse gases as well as contribute to climate change. We will be able to work on solutions on how to adapt and mitigate climate change.

Long-time, such topics were left to the people interested in sciences. But they are not in good numbers to fight climate change. This fight needs all of us, without leaving anyone behind.

You don’t need to be a science genius or science lover to under how to fight climate change. It all needs interest and action once you get to understand what to do.


As we work together to fight climate change and get our healthy planet back. Ensure to share the acquired knowledge with the rest. Let us speak up and be heard plus understood.

Once everyone gets to understand what has changed on our planet, then we can be able to read from the same page. Come up with policies that support environment prosperity. Elect leaders that understand and appreciate the importance of conserving nature and its habitats.

Be part of the solution and not the problem.

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