The Tallest Animals Are in Danger.

The tallest animals are in danger. The giraffes in our planet are facing danger of being extinct.

Yes, sadly giraffes may leave us very soon. Unfortunately they are not being given same concentration as species such as the elephants and rhinos.

Did you ?

  • Giraffes have already gone extinct in some countries such as Eritrea, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Malawi, Mauritania, and Senegal.
  • They are nine species of giraffes:
  • 5 species are declining in numbers.
  • 2 species are improving in terms of their population.
  • 1 species is stable.
  • 1 species is already critically endangered.
  • In the last 30 years, we have lost 40% of our giraffes.

What is contributing to the giraffe decline?

  • Habitat fragmentation and loss. Need for space by humans has ended by encroaching land meant for wildlife such as giraffe.
  • Food inadequacy. With limited land, there are very limited food source.
  • Illegal hunting. Giraffes are poached for various reasons. From their hides, meat, among others.
  • Climate change. It is greatly contributed by negative human activities.
  • Civil unrest. Whenever there are wars as a result of political differences. Wildlife are most affected and they die in big numbers.
  • Urbanisation. Developments are increasing and becoming sophisticated at a very alarming rate. And as a result, wildlife is subjected to more harm.

What can we do to save giraffes?

  • Fight climate change. By accepting the fact that climate change is doing more damage than we could imagine. Its time we can together as a planet and work towards fight this monster.
  • Come up with tough laws against those who violate wildlife rights.
  • Give back the grabbed wildlife land.
  • Work towards political stability in the affected areas mostly in Africa.
  • All developments to always meet the set standards that consider environment welfare.

15 thoughts on “The Tallest Animals Are in Danger.”

  1. The problem of awareness and generating popular interest in environmentalism is at heart an issue of communication. How best to raise an issue through communications media and *not* have this message drowned out by the general white noise and inconsequence of popular political theatre or entertainment frivolity ? How to convince an information-consuming publuc of the critical importance of the issues without frightening them or reducing the complexity into bite-sized memes which are so easily cast aside ? It is a steep slope, but someone has to climb it; in the end this is an issue not only of environmental diversity but if existential continuity and plausible survival for human civilisation.

    • Well said G. Only when we achieve this will conservation efforts bore fruits and wildlife enjoy safety from extinction. Communication is the key and breaking down the whole conservation education and awareness, to a point where everyone gets the idea right. Then we can accomplish what we are working towards.

  2. They are such beautiful creatures. My local zoo lets you feed them for a donation while I’m not big on zoos we did it with my nephew and he absolutely adored them. He asks every time he’s here and talks about how nice and sweet they are. I don’t have any answers unfortunately but I wish there was more of a way to introduce people to the animals as children and add classes to primary schools on the environment and animal welfare. Get people young and instill it in them. Keep fighting though!

    • Yes they are. I also think that wildlife and environment studies should be introduced to kids in their early age. Then they can be able to grow up understanding their importance.


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