How does climate change affect wildlife?

How does climate change affect wildlife? Are they safer than humans, or worst off ?

Wildlife seems to be the unlucky species lately in this planet. They almost have enemies from all angles. Yet they can do very little if any for themselves. To make the survival a success.

They suffer:

  • Habitat fragmentation and loss. Their land is been encroached from all sides each passing day. Hence reducing in size and quality.
  • Poaching and hunting. For many unqualified reasons, they lose their lives. Humans have been known to kill wildlife for their body parts, as source of food and worst as a form of entertainment.
  • Such to name a few…

So how does climate change affect wildlife?

Climate change is the new “world war iv”. It’s killing and destroying this planet at an alarming rate. With its power and discard among humans, it’s winning in various ways.

But as we come together and speak in one uniform voice. Adhere to the agreements and actions agreed upon, maybe we can save our home, planet earth.

Some of the ways climate change affect wildlife includes:

  • Mountain gorillas will lose 75% of their disappearing habitat due to the warming of temperatures.
  • Water sources are drying up. Animals such as elephants that depend on huge amounts of water are in great trouble.
  • Increasing temperature is a danger to reproduction of cheetahs. It hinders them from reproducing, so their populations is seriously declining.
  • The great wildebeest migration heavily depend on the climate patterns. As it changes, this means the migration will be interrupted. And the wildlife will end up in farms leading to human-wildlife conflicts.

Important to note

Water sources such as rivers and lakes as well as their tributaries are drying up due to climate change. As a result , the vegetation is slowly dying. With no food to eat, wildlife population will decline due to starvation and thirst.

As humans work towards fighting climate change, the pressure involved also affect wildlife. This includes displacement of wildlife by humans.

Sad facts

It’s sad to know that Africa will be the most affected continent by climate change. The consequences will greatly affects it’s human population, wildlife and ecosystem.

Two celcius temperature rise is powerful enough to cause endangerment and extinction of African mammal species.

What does all these imply?

This is a wake up call to everyone especially in Africa to take environment issues seriously. It’s time for us to take good care of our natural resources and protect them. Take this issue seriously as a matter of life and death.

Other continents have made good strides towards protecting their natural resources. By including them in management just like everything else. But African resources are given very little concentration.

They are mostly seen as source for tourism but very little is given back to them.

Natural resources belong to everyone, irregardless of which continent you live. It’s our collective good will and action that will help us have our healthy planet back.

In one way or another, we end up affecting each other. It’s a round rotating planet. We are one and together in all these.

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