We Need To Talk

We Need To Talk

We Need To Talk. The most fear sentence of line by human kind.

I looked at him and wondered, “Why are so sad?”and what’s the need of the talk?”
He just shook his head and looked the other side.

Had I done something wrong?

I needed to know, so I went ahead and planted my face to his.
He took a deep breath and requested me to sit with him.

“Have you ever though how things would be running here, if human species was never part of it?”

That was not what I was hoping for, so I just stared at him.

“More species are getting extinct each passing day. The climate and weather patterns are no longer predictable. Infact they are becoming unbearable.

The temperatures in the oceans are rising and poles are rapidly melting away. Oxygen is becoming a critical need in the ocean’s floor. How are those species supposed to survive without oxygen.

It’s funny how you joke of how in near future, ice cone will be melting in your hands before you even get a chance to lick it few times. The heat is already here, and as always. It has not yet shock you enough. Can you know enjoy your ice cream in the open around midday?

You still get involved in activities that contribute to both global warming and climate change. Not forgetting causing extinction of other species.

We understand that we need each to survive. But you guys are taking way too much than you are supposed to. You cut all the trees, leaving none for other species and their own reproduction. It’s more of total extraction and ensuring that such as trees have been cleared out.

You have forgotten the principle of sharing and caring about tomorrow.

If you can suistainably use all these natural resources, you can have them longer. But your greed seem to cause major confusion. You are not only taking it all from nature but also failing to share it with others of your kind.

And that’s a red flag. You have to take care of one another. And you can do that by ensuring that resources are used sustainably and shared amongst yourselves.

Mother nature has a way of reparing itself when allowed time and spared all the negative activities. It’s capable of taking care of all of us without any problem.

Embracing the eco-friendly way of life is the way to go. No more time to waste but to take action ASAP. I may be angry at you, but I can’t do much about it. But sadly look and wait for my turn to get extinct. I hope you do something before it comes to this”

With a concerned smile, I assured him that humankind are changing for good and we will surely save the remaining living species.

Help me make that promise come true.

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  1. Doing my small part by using cloth bags, making a terrace garden, watering plants in the small compound of our home, placing water in earthen pots for birds and in a small vessel with water and sponge for ants, butterflies and insects, and keeping some food for ants and birds.. it’s summer time here in Trivandrum with heat increasing each day. Environment is more hot than last year. Let us do whatever we can to help our nature to calm down.


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