Outdoor activities of great help

Outdoor activities of great help

Outdoor activities of great help

Outdoor activities of great help. Activities that make use of evry part of you from brains, muscles and even soul.

Such activities are very important for our wholesomeness. Allows us to enrich every ascept of our being. Hence keeping away doctors and poor health. And mostly at a very low cost. Yet benefits are so many.

These outdoor activities includes:

Rock climbing

Rock climbing can be categorized into various groups depending on their difficulties levels.

Some may be easy for all groups with or without experience. But the participants have to have no phobia for heights.

As you climbing these rocks, you will get to use all your limbs. That is, both your hands and legs. For moments. Mostly it will involve tips of your toes and fingers. Which we rarely subject to such pressure in our normal lives.

We get to understand strength of some of our body parts that we may have taken for granted.

You are also forced to trust the rope tied around your waist incase of any trebbling or incidences. Trusting that incase all goes wrong you can always hang in the air as you wait for help to come. The rope also helps you balance your weight, on your way down. Preventing you crushing to your death.

That’s why its very important to always have the right equipment for such activities.

Bungee Jumping

Would you make yourself fall freely from great heights and enjoy andreline that comes with it?

Not many of us are open to such. It’s really needs courage and practice.

The really mostly hit many at the point where they are to make that jump. And retreat .

Zip lining

This is best done in forests or areas with good presence of nature.

As you zip through the forest, you get to enjoy a great bird view from above. But this is not the case during your first times. Where mostly, you end up thinking how you can go down crushing into the trees or water bodies beneath you. You will rarely look down but hold tight on the gears to ensure nothings goes wrong.

The end of the zip is where things get interesting. It’s like learning driving all over again. You have to control your spend and ensure you slow down for a smooth stop.

Sweaty hands and faint heart, can be a downer at such outdoor activities.

Extreme hiking

We are so used of transport of means in all of our transit. To a point of hardly making enough step in any given day.

So what happens when you finally decide to make it to the top of the mountain. Not only do you have a distance to cover, it’s elevated and attitude keep changing as you climb up.

You may not feel anything in the first thirty or so minutes. To apoint of even chatting happily with your friends. But they comes a point where the laughter fades away and each concentrates on their breathing. Not forgetting the body parts will be screaming at the loudest voices.

One step will seem like a thousand of them. Sweat will turn to salt and your lungs will be painful as you take your breathes.

But never give in to your body demands and decide to take rest by sitting down before you get to the pick. If you must take some few breathe, do so while standing.

Also start with easy and moderate mountains to hike, before challenging the difficult ones.


These are just some of the outdoor activities that I just you try out this weekend.

Make your body sweat, refresh your mind and rejuvenate your soul.

Enjoy the adrenaline rush and create memories for your future self.

Have an opportunity to understand why you need to fight for conservation areas. Ensuring that no one grab or encroach into them. Because it’s of public importance and belongs to you too.

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