Thinking Out Loud

Thinking Out Loud

Thinking Out Loud. I would like to share with some of my thoughts that came as a result of seeing something really depressing. With the dry seasons everywhere, fires have become part of our days. Whereby fires have been burning stuff everywhere.

The wildfires at Mount Kenya and Arabuko Sokoke, are some of the fires that gave me stress. Yet I could not manage to offer any physical help but try to spread word through my writing. Those two fires consumed our indigenous forest cover and a good number of species lost their lives. As well as home and food.

Am yet to know the exact causes of these fires. Will share the findings once I get these findings.

So with that in mind. I see a piece of land that has been burnt. Am not sure if it was done intentional or unintentional. But the good part of it was burnt. A few days earlier I had seen some cattles grazing in this particular land. It doesn’t have much of vegetation, and the available one is very dry.

Can you see the burnt area?
Can you see the burnt area?

My problem, was the location of this piece o land. It is situated between a filling station, garage and a warehouse. Plus there’s a electricity transformer nearby. So I thought to myself, what if things went sideways and this fire spread. Whatever direction it may have been forced to follow. They would have been dire consequences.

Filling Station

It’s one of the major filling station in this place. So it well loaded with very combustible fuels.

The Total is a filling station
The Total is a filling station

So if that fire would have made it way into the filling station, stopping it would have been almost impossible.

The garage

Definitely this garage is full of sick vehicles awaiting to be fixed.

The AutoExpress is a garage
The AutoExpress is a garage

Vehicles do have many elements that can promote spread and growth of fire.

So just like the filling station, the garage would have a very big fire.


I don’t know what has been stored in this warehouse, but what if it’s something that can catch fire.

Being situated in between other building that have been built closely to each other. Spreading fire to the other building would have been very easy.

The electricity transformer

This was one of my worst night mare in my thinking out loud session.

Electricity and fire, are things you don’t wanna mix or allow to be at a close range.

The transformer can be able to speed that fire to almost all the building getting electricity supply from it. The fire will simply follow the electricity wires and cause a hell on earth.

My thinking out loud

If this fire was intentional, whoever set it. Did they take a minute and put all that into consideration? Did they for a second see what they had exposed people living around here to?

Did they really need a fire to clear this particular piece of land?

In everything we do, we need to always evaluate the consequences to both us and the people around us.

It’s also important to consider our impact on the environment and other species.

Lets avoid practices that are a danger to any form of living organisms.

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